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Getting in Hong Kong from Macau is as breezy as it gets. Regular ferry trips are available from Macau pier to Hong Kong central which cost about 100 – 150 MOP. Flights to Hong Kong from any origin shouldn’t be a hassle since Chek Lap Kok Airport is an international central hub.  From this point on, the efficiency of the Mass Transit Railway (MTR) would guide any traveler to their point of destination.

MTR has seven lines including the Airport Express Line and the Disneyland Resort Line. This means that you can take the train from the airport to your destination without having to deal with airport metered cabs. The MTR cars are big and spacious and are made such as one continuous car so you can walk from one end to the other end. The voice prompts are very helpful for tourists who are clueless as to where their next stop is and travel maps are free at the information centers located at each station. Tourist attractions are conveniently located or very near the stop over. Interestingly, aside from the car doors, the boarding area is secured with a Plexiglas to avoid accidents. MTR runs from 6am to 1am daily. Fares range from HK$4 to HK$26.




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The Kowloon – Canton Railway (KCR) is also known as the East Line servicing the east side of the New Territories. As compared to MTR, it is more humble and very traditional, but still equals its efficiency. KCR runs from 5:30am to 12:30. Fares range from HK$3.50 to HK$12.50.

Buses are numbered according to its route and destination and names of the places are conveniently translated to English. Tourists should have the exact fares though when they board. Trams are also known as the double-deckers. They also have one of these going to the airport. Last one off the streets is at 11pm.



Taxis are colored red and green for New Territories and blue for Lantau Island. Rates start at HK$15, HK$12.50 and HK$12 for the first 2 kilometers respectively. Extra charges apply for tolls.

And who would ever leave out the cable cars? They are the most enjoyable transportation ever. The thrill of hanging by a thread as the cable car crosses the vast ocean and then afterwards passes over the mountains and then the ocean reappears after is enough to make the heart stop. This is not for the faint of heart.


Octopus Card is an electronic fare card that pays your way through MTR, KCR, buses, trams, ferries and the Airport Express. The card can also be used in convenience stores, supermarkets, vending machines and even fast food restaurants. Tourists can get the card for HK$100 with an available HK$30 balance. You may add balance as soon as the value runs out in every information center in all stations. So instead of juggling those coins, might as well get the card. It’s such a convenience!



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