Getting in and around Macau

Macau is not a member of the ASEAN circle, but the Philippine passport holders are given a 30-day pass to stay in the island. In the past three years, it became a side-trip destination for tourists who are visiting Hong Kong.

Macau is 1,147 kms or 619 nautical miles away from Manila. Flying from Manila will only take 50 minutes to reach Aeroporto Internacional de Macao. Pretty much like my daily drive to work.  It is kind of a bit scary when I saw the reclaimed strip of land when the air craft started to descend.

“Is that where we are supposed to land?”

It only takes one freak aeronautic flaw, or sheer pilot stupidity to cause water landing… scary!

Land transportation is not a problem, but who would spend cab fare if you can virtually walk the island away? The island center is as big as Manila. It is a walking city so you can reach all tourist destination by feet, all you need is a map (which is free from the airport) and good shoes.


Taipa Bridge

Photobucketalley leading to Ruinas de Sao Paolo

Cab from the airport: 60 patacas

Bus around the city: 2.50 patacas up

Casino/hotel shuttles: FREE!

Yes it is free, so what you can do is go to the nearest hotel/casino and grab a shuttle pass from the concierge and queue-up the line outside. It will drive you to the aiport, other casinos/hotels and ferry terminals where you can hop on to other hotels shuttles.

eg. Imperial hotel–>Taipa pier–>Venetian hotel… go figure!


streets of Macau are mostly narrow, so don’t be surprised to see that subcompact and mini cars are so popular.



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