Stumbling Upon Ruinas de Sao Paolo

Macau is a walkable city… So walkable that we went out only to have breakfast and suddenly, the towering icon loomed over us. Since we were there already, we decided to seize the moment for a photo-op.





The place is not even a church church… What tourists see now is the façade of the Church of Mater Dei destroyed by fire in 1835 and the ruins of St. Paul’s College; which stood adjacent to the church.

Ruinas de Sao Paolo now functions symbolically as an altar to the city amongst other churches and, of course, the casinos.

GETTING THERE: Upon reaching Lagro do Senado, walk around the place,  St. Paul’s Ruins’ just around the corner, literally, it is just within 500 meter radius. The plethora of stalls selling from kites to beef jerkies will guide your way leading to the ruins. Just explore the small alleys around the area and you will be bumping on to it before you can even finish your box of egg tarts.





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