Tucked in the heart of Makati business district is a place that can satisfy your craving for comfort food. Canteen boasts a contemporary minimalist interiors that soothes anyone who walks in. A hip feel is what it is, mixed with a relaxed ambiance with a lot of room to breathe in. The bare ceiling, solid white chairs and plain white fixtures give emphasis to the unassuming food they serve. Created by the company 420 Degrees North with Chef Fernando Aracama of Embassy Superclub, Canteen basically epitomizes their tag line to its fullest sense: simple+good food, not to mention affordable.

canteen 2

canteen 1

Being always on the look out for good food, we went to the place upon the recommendation of Lette ( for another mouth watering adventure. We ordered Cream of Pumpkin Soup (PhP90) for appetizer. It was so luscious and velvety on the tongue contrasted by the crunchy croutons.

pumpkin soup canteen

For the main dish, we ordered the house specialty, Spaghetti Meatballs + Basil Marinara + Parmesan (PhP195) and Miso Glazed Mahi-Mahi + Bokchoy + Soy Fried Rice (PhP175). The spaghetti was a playground of flavorful spices, with basil always going well with tomatoes and parmesan cheese, you can even feel the authentic flavour of Italian kitchen on your tongue. The textured miso glaze encrusting the mahi-mahi fillet was a tickle to the buds with it’s sweet oriental flavor. It went perfectly well with the soy rice.

spaghetti meatballs canteen

miso glazed mahi mahi

Then came the desserts! We ordered the famed Fernando’s Famous Choc NOT ice cream (PhP80). One spoon of this heaven will cradle anyone with nostalgia as one reminisce the days of childhood sweetened by the all time Filipino favorite, chocnut.

chokNOT ice cream

We even got a helping of their heavenly desserts! Banana Foster + Mantecado Ice Cream (PhP95) equals a walk in the clouds. We swear we had cherubs spooning mouthfuls of these in our longing mouths. Our minds even went blank while enjoying spoon after spoon of this piece of paradise.

banana mantecado ice cream

The place is home to simple and heartwarming comfort food. A perfect refuge after a long day at work or when you can’t find a diversion to stress brought by your nagging boss or a break from cramming trying to meet the deadline. An oasis in the middle of the urban jungle serving a jazzed-up version of the familiar food we used to love in our school canteen.


111 Alvion Center
Rada Street, Legaspi Village
Makati City
Store hours: 11am-9pm weekdays and 11am-7pm on weekends



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