it was a yellow day


I was 5 years old then. My parents were quietly watching the telecast of what seemed to be very a momentous event.
There’s a huge crowd, businessmen, nuns, soldiers, ordinary civilians, glowing in bright yellow
celebrating something that I don’t fully understand.

But the next thing I can remember, is that I’m sticking my thumb and index finger in the air while running around the house singing with the rest of the country celebrating what I recall they called rebirth of democracy.

Thank you for teaching me that leadership requires more than just wit and intelligence. That leadership is being humble, kind and having faith to the people around you and to God.

Thank you for weeding-out the vines and thorns along the path towards a free Philippines, the path where my generation is currently walking.

Thank you for the torch that you carried, where vivid yellow rays shines upon us, rays of pride that you brought to us Filipinos!


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