It was one of those days when I get to meet my favorite people. A post birthday celebration with Ron, my best friend of thirteen years, Teresa; and her girlfriend Nosh only meant an insightful evening. After coffee, Pot and Nosh went home and Ron and I decided to try Kitchen located at the ground floor, Greenbelt 3. An ambient restaurant greeted us, complete with rustic high bookcases, dainty chandeliers and rectangular overhead lamps and long tables coupled with benches fit for a fiesta. The high ceiling, draped with heavy curtains and the red washed brick walls with wooden accents created a homey feel. The lighting is soft making everything inside the place seemed flowing in water. It is so conducive to relaxing.

The kitchen’s kitchen (no pun intended) is open so that diners can see the chefs in action. They also have the most creative way of serving water… In a bottle spiked with a mint branch.


Attitude is spelled with a big A in this restaurant because you will definitely get your money’s worth. A big serving of European dishes with the most creative names on big plates and bowls. And what better way to eat those than with a larger than life plates, spoon and fork.

I decided to order Lazy Oaf since I am always craving for chicken. One taste and I believe I had made the right choice. Ever since I tasted buttered chicken in Zambales and another one in Sagada, I am forever longing. I went back to Manila with a heavy heart, knowing I wont find that kind of cooking anywhere here, unless I try it at home. You know that scene in Ratatouille when Antono Ego ate Remy’s ratatouille? It happened to me. I got zapped back in Potipot island then found myself spelunking inside Sumaging caves again. The meat is tender, almost melting in the mouth. The chicken is coated in spices. The manager mentioned oregano and thyme and I saw bits of rosemary. And the one thing that made me just want to have the meal every single day for maybe a month, is that it is cooked in butter. You can literally sniff off the butter flavor as they serve you the plate and the taste is just to die for.


Ron on the other hand ordered Pork Barrel, named after a political lingo and is appropriately tagged. Grilled pork belly with a hint of light marinade. The sweet and sour dip and the fruit salsa made a distinct character twist on this usual Filipino favorite, liempo.



NOTE FROM RON: I asked the supervisor to serve us their best set, but it seems like he served us what they can easily prepare, why? because they about to close. I’ve been to this restaurant couple of times before and I tried other entrees and I know there are more in the menu that they can offer. It could have been a perfect gastronomic experience if the staff (specially that professor Snape looking supervisor) are accommodating and sensitive enough to what their customers are looking for.

NOTE TO OWNERS: There are more than 2 million unemployed Filipinos, so you can get rid of Professor Snape. It would have been a perfect dining experience if you hired a better staff. On the other hand, Kudos to the team who put up the menu and the restaurant’s overall concept.


We’d say set about 250 – 300php per person for a meal. It’s not much for a really fabulous eat. Just ignore the service. Check out Kitchen’s menu and find your heart’s desire.


Kitchen, 1/F Greenbelt 3, Ayala Center Makati City, Metro Manila…

Phone numbers: (02) 757-5465 to 66



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  • bunnylette

    August 10, 2009 at 8:55 pm

    i liked Kitchen when it first opened. The last time i was there i had a bad experience with the service and the staff as well. too bad, their place has a very lovely ambiance (the food, well, i guess the service sullied the experience which was probably why i didn’t enjoy it as much). Still, i hope they can improve on that!

  • flipntravels

    August 11, 2009 at 3:54 am

    thanks lette! there’s more to their menu we haven’t tried yet. we are certainly going back. but hopefully the service will improve next time!

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