Ocean Park

It is true that a part of my heart is in Hong Kong. My mother has lived and worked there for almost 3/4ths of my life together with her sisters. My favorite nephew and his dad are residents of that country as well. So when I go there, people would almost always assume that I will visit my mom. That time, they were mistaken. I was to visit the most adorable creature in the whole world… PANDAS!


The day of our visit came and there is no storm too powerful that can stop me from seeing those bundles of joy. We rode the MTR where we also bought our passes. At HK$210, you get an entrance ticket to the park, a shuttle transfer from the MTR drop off point to Ocean Park and back.

ocean park

ocean park cable car

Entering the place, you can see the cable cars looming across the hill that is in the middle of the complex. We were welcomed by acrobats performing what Chinese acrobats do best. And these are kids! No wonder they won gold in the Olympics. We also saw wushu masters displaying their craft.

ocean park acrobat


We sat for a few minutes to eat our dumplings and we were off to hunt the pandas. Unfortunately, they were sleeping when we got there. I had to restrain myself from climbing the Plexiglas to wake them up. I vowed never to leave till I see them awake and sitting on the giant terrarium just looking cute.

We took the cable ride and went to the aquarium where we saw seals doing tricks. They are so adorable, and HOT–latter is referring to the trainer. *wink wink*

ocean park seals

Then we went to the peak to take a one-minute peek per HK$1 to see Aberdeen bay  and an escalator ride that took forever. There were rides but given that I am petrified of them, we decided not to.

We were looking for the dolphin show but apparently, they are located at the other side of the complex and my mom was to have a heart attack if we took another cable ride so we settled for the flamingos. Whether that was connected or not, I’m really not sure.


It’s true that one day is not enough to see everything in Ocean Park. That place is huge! But if there’s anything that could satisfy me, it was the pandas. Before we went home, I dragged Ron back to their den and found the babies awake and in the middle of their feeding time.

My heart melted. The panda twins are Ying-Ying and Le-Le and they just celebrated their birthday a few days before the day we visited. I never thought of committing a crime till that moment. I wanted to shove them in a sack and bring them home and make them my pets. But there were lots of tourists that day so I decided to abandon my plan. I’ll just go back after a couple of years…

ocean park souvenirs

In the meantime, I’ll just settle for the souvenirs.



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  • tuWink.com

    August 5, 2009 at 4:22 pm

    Wow, pretty good pictures you have here! would be nice if I can share few of them in my site 😀 I’ll also write a little review about the place in those pics. will you grant the permission to use your photos? thx b4.

  • flipntravels

    August 5, 2009 at 9:25 pm

    hi! 😀 thanks for stopping by and commenting. sure! you may use the pictures. we would appreciate it if you credit the shots to ron cruz (the photographer) and this website. thanks!

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