sagada food trip

People going to Sagada have proven that it is a place of marvel. Surrounded by rice terraces adorned with mountains cradling caves of the old, I just knew there’s more to this famous place than meets the eye. A discovery made by not only me, but by everyone who visited this part of the mountain province.

The food is just glorious.

sagada log cabin

Log Cabin – this place has been cited by the Lonely Planet as one of the must-eat places in Sagada. Owned by French Chef Aklay, (real name Philppe Heyer) who decided to settle in Sagada after many years of working in different countries, including the palace of Brunei; the dainty place has been reputed for its wonderful dinner buffet that is to die for. The restaurant only serves dinner and the guests have to place a reservation early in the morning. At Php350 a plate (appetizer, main dish [there were about 3 varieties but I was too stoned to remember], dessert included), one would definitely get their money’s worth. Oh, and the wheat bread is the meanest wheat bread in the world!

Local Bakery – After hiking the whole day, we passed by the local bakery along the main road going to Baguio and smelled bread baking in the middle of the afternoon. We entered and got a load of pan de coco (coconut bread) and pan de uhog (lemon bread) for PhP15 a pack (8 pieces). They were fresh off of the oven and were really good.

Alfredo’s Café – tucked in a small alley off the main road, Alfredo’s Café is surely cozy with wooden furniture and open air windows. My recommendation: Buttered Chicken! At PhP150 per plate, the meal is good for two people. It is marinated in butter sautéed in butter, onions and ketchup. One cup of rice is all I need to finish my late lunch in 15 minutes. It was so good that in the span of four days I stayed in Sagada, I went back and had the same meal three times. Drinking beer alone is not advisable though. Not because of anything or anyone… It’s just plain sad.

Shamrock Café – According to my map, this café can be found along the main road. However, when I went to look for it, it cannot be found. It was because the place was relocated behind the municipal hall. The place is scenic and the lady who served my meal was really nice. I asked about the supposed acoustic night I read over the net but she said they don’t do it anymore because of the noise people make after curfew hours. I had their grilled cheese sandwich for PhP45 and mountain tea for PhP30.

masferre cafe sagada

Masferre – Masferre is one of the first photographers to showcase the wonder that is Sagada and is considered the father of Philippine photography. In this café of his, old pictures of the community, its people and scenic spots of the province are hanged inviting nostalgia with every bite of their sumptuous meal. I enjoyed their big serving of chicken sandwich with fries on the side. At PhP175, it gave me and a fellow backpacker the energy to hike the entire afternoon.

sagada yogurt house

Yogurt House – I’d say this place enjoys a reputation like no other. The place is packed any time of the day. The restaurant is not so big but it is definitely homey with checkered table mantles spread over wooden four-seater tables. The most popular meal they have is the Hikers Delight at PhP150 complete with banana and yogurt wrapped in home-made crepe topped with strawberry preserve with toast and omelet on the side. The yogurt was so good that before me and my friend left Sagada, we dropped by the place the night before to order out yogurt and granola for our breakfast while on our way to Baguio.

Kimchi Restaurant – What can I say about this place other than it’s a life saver. After all the restaurants closed for the day, this place is still teeming with people with no regard for the curfew. At PhP45 fora San Mig Light, I just went on and on and on and on…

Bana’s Café – the home of the original civet coffee this side of the province. Backpackers normally don’t bring home pasalubongs but my friend bought a big bottle for PhP750 because one cup of civet coffee in the States apparently costs more or less US$65.Aside from the mean coffee, their meals are also great. They serve a hearty breakfast for PhP150 a meal, complete with omelet, bacon, toast and coffee. Their home cooking is also good and the serving is good for two people already. We ordered Afritada for Php150 and Buttered Chicken for PhP165. This time, I asked them to hold the ketchup so I was left only with buttery goodness.

sagada lemon pie house

Lemon Pie House – no Sagada trip is complete without having a taste of the famous lemon pie from Lemon Pie House. I had to walk farther down the main road but it was all worth it. The place is very homey with lowered tables and lowered chairs and mood lights. A piece of their version of heaven is so affordable at PhP20. A box costs PhP150.



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  • chyng

    March 29, 2010 at 3:01 pm

    whew, craving for another pancake and yogurt from yogurt house. super sarap!

  • flip'n travels

    April 1, 2010 at 12:42 am

    im planning to go there soon… my recent spontaneous attempts failed, pag natuloy, will definitely try the famous resto.. hehehe


  • juanderfulpinoy

    November 16, 2011 at 2:07 pm

    inggit na talaga ako , gusto ko na magfood trip din sa sagada , nakakagutom

  • flip'n travels

    November 17, 2011 at 4:13 am

    na miss ko ang sagada bigla! >_<

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