on our way to kota kinabalu (via clark airport)

After two years of traveling, people would think that we have learned to cover our bases. After numerous “planned” spontaneous trips, we are proud of how detailed our researches are from getting to one destination to another, the place we are going to stay in, the food we will try out, and the places we are going to see. So what the hell happened?

We crammed…

We had to take the flight from Clark and the schedule that was supposed to be at 6pm was moved to 4pm. The Philtranco bus going to Clark Airport behind Megamall building A left exactly at 11am. Ron came from China embassy and was nowhere near the place and I came from the office. I decided to meet him in Cubao to catch a bus going to Dau instead. We arrived at Five Star bus terminal to catch the trip going to the North which cost us 125Php.

Note: Almost all northbound provincial buses make a stopover in Dau except for Tuguegarao and Cagayan trips.

jeep clark

Renting a jeep is cheaper than taking a cab from Dau

It took us an hour to get to Pampanga where we took a trike ride (70Php) to get to Clark gate then hired a private jeep (200Php) to take us to the airport. The dreadful news came after we checked in. Yes, the flight was delayed and we had to sit our butts for two hours with no chance to smoke because Clark airport doesn’t have a smoking area and the airport personel whom we thought were never breastfed when they were babies, did not allow us to go out to get our fix. We literally went cold turkey and decided tocompensate with overpriced airport food. Ron saw a slit on the wall and we had to restrain ourselves from lighting a ciggy.


Clark Airport is still under construction so we forgive them, and NO that’s not Ryan Cayabyab in the background.

The flight to Kota Kinabalu took 2 hours and the line to get pass the immigration was infinite hell. We even had to fight for the information sheet we had to fill out. Now let me just make a comment… Old people… Age is not an excuse for rudeness… There, I’ve made my peace.

So after getting passed by people from a later flight we were able to move on with our lives. The only way to get out of the airport is by cab. We got our ticket (30MYR) from the information booth, grabbed maps of the city and asked the driver to take us to our home for the next 4days.

Now who says we were not prepared?