on the road

First, I want to apologize for not posting in the past three weeks. I guess “on the road blogging” is a talent, and in our case, a skill that is yet to be honed.

I am currently in the middle of non-English speaking China. Which part? believe me, I tried asking and all I got so far are blank faces and a solitary cricket chirping in the background. Earlier I was in a convenient store and I was asking if they have a nail cutter, the lady gave me all sorts of stuff from a birthday card, ball of yarn, weird looking leather strip, sharpener, mineral water to bookmarks and sanitary napkins. Sometimes giving up is the easiest way out.

We already got two countries worth of backlog. I certainly do have at least an hour everyday to start drafting the posts but I always end up dozing off. It’s freezing 7 degrees outside and and the warm tungsten lighting in my hostel’s common area is an oasis.

I am still overwhelmed with all things around me, my senses are still in a congestive shock, at random times of the day, I ususally end up in a corner, catatonic.

China is huge, just like in any other places on earth, it has a fair share of good and not so good people. This is my first time to travel alone. At first I was scared to a point that it felt like I’m ejecting all my guts out. But the random people I met along the way made me feel so involved. Everywhere I go, by sheer providence, someone always bump on to me and we end up exchanging contact details.

Here, the phletora of textures is unfathomable, an explosion of stories is waiting to be unleashed, my adventures and misadventures here are unbelievable (so movie worthy), that’s why I can’t wait to start typing and tell this whole experience to you all, but I don’t know where and how to start.

I will try to organize my thoughts and I will let myself be immersed in this crazy China experience. In the mean time I guess I may just have to bite-off my nails.

traveling alone