• http://www.lechuaphotography.com lechua

    is this a one off… or this performance is being done everytime now on cebu pacific?

  • flip'n travels

    last time i was onboard, nothing like this happened… thank god! haha! ~monette

  • http://www.jerik76raverz.blogspot.com pinoy boy

    in reality, this gimmick sucks! but for the people behind this gimmick (the agency who handled this supposedly viral video), this was a great success.

  • http://journeyingjames.com journeyingjames

    i have yet to see them dance in one of my flights.
    caption: “safe” dance

  • flip'n travels

    last time i saw this on the news, they’re having the guys dance. i hope i get spared the next time i board the plane… haha! ~monette