Sometime in 2007:

Monette: We will be “the” travel blog celebrities..
Ron:  … NO, internet sensation
Monette: Or, travel correspondents…
Ron: Make that, Travel writers for guide books and travel magazines
<brief silence>

We never imagined in our wildest dreams that in this life time, we will see our own bylines on printed media… glossy magazine… internationally released. It was nothing but pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.

It was a lazy Sunday afternoon, we were on skype brainstorming for the next  trip and trying to organize writing our four countries worth of backlog. When we opened our email,  brief silence was followed by vertigo inducing disbelief. We got an email from Nikki, the director of S.E.A. Backpacker Magazine.

The message was short and straight forward. Well, they just want us to be the first to write about the Philippines for their May-June Issue. We fell from our seats and our jaws dropped out of stupefaction.

The accumulating excitement was halted momentarily before it was catapulted out to space when a follow up email popped up, saying they want my Caramoan shot for the cover! And that was when Monette’s panties dropped while I spat-out some half chewed Kway Teow.


To cut this short and sweet, we landed our international debut with two full spread feature article and a cover on S.E.A. Backpacker Magazine.

Just in time when I was drafting this post, a courier came in. I got my copy, fresh from the press!

sea  backpacker cover

Click the photos to view larger images

Having a published article is the sweetest cake we could ever dreamed of devouring out of this passion we know as traveling. Smelling the scent of fresh print on glossy pages is la cerise sur le gateau. Knowing it was released internationally is an ultimate cherry on top of a cherry on top! But the fact that your shot is on its cover is a confetti surprise and a hot stripper dancing out of the cake.

This could be the start, and just like what Auntie Cher said “You haven’t seen the last of me us!”

(Cue OSCARS orchestra music) To Nikki and everyone from S.E.A. Backpacker, Thank y’all for this opportunity you gave us to invite wanderlusts and adventurers to check out our 7,107 drops of paradise! This is the start of putting the Philippines back in the backpacking trail.

Copies are now out on news stands! You can also order the current issue or subscribe online at

UPDATE: Man, we feel sooooo FAMOUS! LOL!

  • glen

    Awesome, that is sweet. Congratulations! (great cover photo, too!)

  • Norbert

    Wow guys, Congratulations!!

    That cover photo looks great!

  • flip’n travels

    thanks glen. i was running through your site and i was amazed by you kind of trips. really cool!!!


  • flip’n travels

    Thanks Norbert! Cheers!

  • flip

    yey!!! :-) libre libre libre

    congrats ron and monette…

    libre nyo ako kape sa hawker’s

  • Sheila

    Congratulations! Keep on traveling and entertaining us with your adventures.

  • Michael Figueiredo

    Congratulations! Such a feeling of accomplishment, I’m sure :)

  • Jade

    THIS. IS. AWESOME! So cool! Congrats!

  • tina

    galing! Congrats guys! :)

  • John in France

    A huge credit to you both! That cover photo could have appeared on any magazine, it is so amazing! Keep up the writing!

  • flip’n travels

    thanks flip… when are you dropping by to visit me here in Singapore? let’s meet up, coffee on me!

  • flip’n travels

    Thanks Sheila!!! CHEERS to the wanderlust nurses!!! hehe

  • flip’n travels

    @Michael… thank you, it is for sure! specially if it was unexpected. but for now we can only dream of getting to your level . hehehe 😉

  • flip’n travels

    Thanks Jade. Send our regards to the boys!

  • flip’n travels

    Salamat Tina!!

  • flip’n travels

    Wow John, your comment just made my day! MErci beaucoup!

  • chyng

    woot! congratulations! kuma-cartwheel din ang happiness ko for you! ^_^

    huhuntingin tlga kita pag dating ko jan! iclaim ko ang chilli crabs!

  • flip’n travels

    hahahaha thanks Chyng, ako nga naka split! go go go send mo sakin ang dates na nandito ka.

  • Lois

    So glad to have a copy of this. Let this be the first of many! Congrats you guys!

  • robin

    Congratulations – a beautiful looking feature :)

  • supertikoy

    yahoo! congrats…nag order ako ng copy…sana di mawala sa mail hehehe

  • flip’n travels

    Lois thanks, for the record! you girls are the first (among people we know) to read the article, even before we saw it ourselves.

  • flip’n travels

    Thanks Robin. but it’s not as beautiful as your shots, hehehe send our regards to K

  • flip’n travels

    whaaaaaa. thanks Jerome. Ako nga gusto ko bumili ng 10 copies pa hahahaha.

  • nina

    Ibang level talaga kayo! Congrats Ron and Monette! We’re all so proud of you 😀

  • flip’n travels

    Loka ka Nina! naglelevel-levelan lang… but we’re still far from yours. hehehehe thanks 😉

  • The Travel Chica

    Congrats! You’re living the dream :-)

  • Jeremy Branham

    That’s awesome! Congrats on that! Beautiful photos and feature – what a great opportunity!

  • Debbie Beardsley @ European Travelista

    This is way cool! Congratulations. I loved the layout of the article and am sure it is the first of many. You are an inspiration to us all!

  • Christy @ Technosyncratic

    Congrats – this is so huge!! And that spread looks beautiful. :)

  • Tripper10

    Wow, galing nyo… Congrats po… :)

  • Donna Scott

    Great article and cover, inspired me to visit. Well Done

  • pinoy boy journals

    you can’t believe how happy i am to see fliptravels writing for the magazine. it’s very popular among backpackers in Southern Thailand. Everyone always has a copy of the zine. ang galing and wow… ang ganda ng shot ng caramoan. ewan ko lang pag di pa pumunta mga tao dito sa pinas. thanks for making our country proud. and like ni flip, libre libre libre! he he Congrats! it’s about time naman na!!!

  • Cedric

    Wow! Congrats! :) And the photos look fantastic. :) You guys rock!

  • flip’n travels

    thanks stephanie! 😀 this is truly a dream come true!

  • flip’n travels

    @jeremy: thank you very much! indeed, an awesome opporunity!

  • flip’n travels

    @debbie: many thanks! we hope to write more about our country and thus promote it to everyone. we hope we inspired you to visit!

  • flip’n travels

    @christy: we were also surprised how huge it was! thank you!

  • flip’n travels

    @tripper: super thanks! 😀

  • flip’n travels

    thank you donna! we promise you will have a great time here in the philippines!

  • flip’n travels

    @jerik: thanks dude! we appreciate the ptb family’s support. yaan mo, bahala si ron sa libre. sagot ko kwento. hahaha!

  • flip’n travels

    thanks cedric! rock on!!! \m/

  • kim and mj

    Wow! Yay! Congratulations! Another Pinoy/Pinas pride!

  • flip’n travels

    @kim and mj… wow PINOY PRIDE, heavy words! hahahaha not sure if we deserve such title. hehehe thanks!

  • chin chan

    congratulations!!! wala ako masabi ==)

  • Bonzenti [Con Tour Blog]

    Thanks ron and monette for the pdf copy. That is really an awe-inspiring one. :-). God speed!

  • olan214

    waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh… super excited….congratulations to you both. indeed, the celebrity travel bloggers!

  • olan214

    thank you so much for the pdf file. :) like it much…. much of goodluck guys. :)

  • Leave the cube

    very beautiful cover!!! sana lalong ma-promote ang pinas through your magazine! nice work

  • flip’n travels

    Thanks Bonzenti, no biggie!