When we started this blog, it did not matter if we only had five regular readers. It never disturbed us when our page ranking dropped down the floor. We just wanted to have an outlet where we can share the stories of our travels. After 193 articles, almost 600 GB of photos and video clips, 3 magazine articles and an international cover, we are still rolling stronger than ever.

For the past three years of traveling together, we have endured 56 plane rides, an unexpected 27 hours of hard-seat train adventure, flew a total of 69,504 kilometers–that’s 105 hours of being airborne, paid a total of 67,400 pesos for airport and travel tax, stayed and slept in 11 resort hotels, a log cabin, a hammock, 4 home-stays, 29 hostels, and 69 total number of hours sleeping in 25 different airports–not to mention sleeping with 5 different (declared) strangers; we remain eager and passionate about this whole crazy idea of getting lost.

Twenty three Philippine provinces. Twelve countries.

Three years. Two storytellers. One lifetime to see the rest of the world!

postcard design by Lette of urbanfaerie.com


Join us in celebrating our third year anniversary and we are giving away a limited edition National Geographic Multi-functional Head Buff to one winner. Don’t worry, we won’t make you eat anything creepy. Just send us a photo of yourself telling us what place we should visit next.

Write: “fliptravels.com, you guys should go to/visit__________”.

The photo that will catch our attention wins!

something like this… 

These jerks are just trying to be funny. Tell us a real destination. You don’t need to be somehwere special, you can even be just inside the bathroom (please, don’t be naked!)

 Also, we’ll be picking another winner based in Manila to have dinner with these fabulous creatures!

Etchos! We, and unfortunately not the people in the above picture, are taking our Manila winner to dine somewhere really really nice and he/she can tag a friend along!

The task is super easy, all you need is a marker, a piece of paper, and a camera. And because we were super lazy to hunt down sponsors for this momentous event, our own payslips will finance this hoopla! But who knows, maybe next year we will have a MAJOR sponsor and we will be able to give out all expenses paid holidays to the Canaries.

Email your entries to fliptravels@yahoo.com. Deadline of submission is on September 15, 2011.