tour de force in sri lanka

We came, we saw, we kicked some arse!

Our short trip in Sri Lanka was packed with stories we would not get tired of telling over and over–over some bottles of beer. We got loads of pictures and gigabytes of video clips as proof of our little Indian ocean conquest. But more than the whole experience and those two dimensional accounts in my hard drive, we were able to leave our imprints in this Non-Indian island south of India in the middle of the Indian ocean.

We never expected that we would make this noise, a noise audible enough to resonate within the corners of (ehem) our deluded and cloistered self built universe.

Even before we started blogging about Sri Lanka, we already got invitations to write about it!

Online Magazine ( Singapore)

We hope we can accurately put in words the exhilarating rush of joy every time we get those courier packages with first prints of the magazine inside, its fresh-off-the-press scent is like of a torn glossy paper wrap on a christmas morning.

In Vogue Magazine (Sri Lanka)

Few days ago, we noticed a huge traffic coming from a web host in Sri Lanka, we followed the link and VOILA! Our Leitmotif video is being featured in the online broadsheet. With our spontaneity (bitchiness) in that clip, we swear we are scared for our lives and worried that the country might ban us to enter their ports or worst, this could be an order to kill. Get baaaack Ayatollah Khomeini with your fatwa, we’re not Salman Rushdie!!!

Now we can say that other than our friends and parents, we have readers! And for us at least, we can claim that our Sri Lankan gig was a tour de force!

Allow us to bask in this almost famous moment!