The void that I feel when I walk aimless and uninspired, is the same hollow spot that aches when I’m broken.

After waking up from the warm comforts of my hostel room, I took my jacket and wrapped the layers of clothing to break the cold air sipping-in through my pores.

Alighting at the People’s Park station, I had to push my way through a whole stretch of cafe’s barricading the street before I ride the wave of crowd walking along Nanjing Road. Then I walked towards nowhere…

There will be days in the journey of a backpacker when breathtaking structures are just another buildings and maps are just a folded piece of glossy paper.

That was the only time I felt alone, and so loneliness kicked-in. It could be the weather: the freezing air and foggy dusks can make a place appear as if you are looking though a blue stained glass window. No matter where you go across the globe, be it partying in Rio, traversing the Sahara or holidays in Lanzarote shores, when the solo piano start playing in your mind, everything surrounding you will just be cold, damp and bitter.

I walked further, walking past the bund and the never ending flow of people, the flat affect faces of locals and exhilarated tourists are contrasting that it gave the air of psychosis; the bipolarity of modern skyline across the yellow river versus the goth, romance and macabre of the art deco bund is a beautiful aberration of Shanghai’s character.

Then right in the middle of the city I stopped… Looked up… and realized that I was turning myself into someone I am not!

So I breathe in, pumped up my energy, walked faster towards the end of the curb, found a booth and bought a ferry ticket to cross the river.

Right at the foot of the Oriental Pearl Tower, I sat down and lit a stick…

Then I had a realization, more of like an epiphany…

I somewhat figured-out the mystery of my dramatic episode, and it was finally solved…

I underestimated the power of tofu and soya milk shake!

Yes, I just had to fart it all out. Pass the gas, Bottom burp, Funky rollers, Mao’s jet propulsion, One-gun salute, puffing tiger-hidden dragon… FART!


Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. noun When in China, it is very appropriate and timely to use this term to refer to a deadly gas produced by some bean-eating, tofu-munching traveler.

Taxonomy of Fart

Loud and Proud – Indiscrete farting usually characterized by various sounds resembling a trumpet, tuba or breaking object; Perfect for Chinese new year celebration.
The Ninja – These are traitor farts, you will never see it coming; usually of unknown source specially when released in the still of the night inside the dorm.
Wet n’ Wild – In most cases, halted by something that comes out with it.
Quiffles – A pretentious fart; a mini fart that actually comes out from the vajayjay.

So I apologize for this emo post! This too “shall pass!