dear steve

Dear Steve,

Soon you will be checkin’ out some chicas way prettier than those you hooked up with during your mexico holidays. LOL! For sure there’s a greener apple up there beyond the iClouds.

Thanks to you, now there are three apples that changed this world: The one that Adam ate, the one that dropped on Newtons head and the one that you built.

The plugs that you stuck in our ears helped us shut all the stupidities in this earth.

You made the simple touch, slide and tap of a finger magically connect us to our love ones.

Watching cartoons in the big screen would still be the same without PIXAR.

Without your NeXT server, the nursery of the WWW, we might be in a public library now searching for the synonym of “Idiot”

And above all, you made this thing called BLOGGING possible–vacuum tubes are too expensive for all of us to afford.

We will be holding our iPhones, iPods, iPads and iMac mouse devices a little tighter today.

You left your mark in our lives and on our desks!