snow flake crusted dream

Are we ready for a winter adventure?

It is almost mid autumn and travel expo’s all over the world have been very busy with their stints in the last couple of weekends. I even noticed that a lot of patients are walking in non stop and asking me for pre trip immunizations and flu shots are selling like pancakes that horrible longchamp tote on end of season sale.

They are all flying soon to Paris, Tokyo, London, New York and even Reykjavik, and I can only cringe of jealousy. But I don’t understand why asians choose to spend their vacation in a freezing city while the local residents are on exodus seeking refuge in the pristine waters and warm sands of the Caribbean and South East Asia. Have you seen migratory birds heading north for winter? NO!

Urban jungles during winter are just like tampons: BORING, SAD AND WET! So if you are going to ask me what is my ultimate winter destination, I would deviate from the big cities and say one thing, Ski Resorts!

As a child growing up in a tropical island, it is our biggest dream to see and play with snow. Who would not be lured by its beauty when your entire childhood was dictated with an idea that Christmas season is synonymous to frosty the snow man or a fat guy who is profusely perspiring under a fake platinum beard and red wool tunic?

Now as an young adult, simple things like a cup of hot chocolate, a good company around a fire place and the raw outdoor adventure are just some of the reason why we would want to spend the holidays with snow (of course the hot jacuzzi parties are dead giveaways).

Here are my personal picks of winter destinations for ski holidays:

Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

It is the home of the first Winter Olympic Games and visitors are continiously patronizing the resorts in this once quiet town in the peaks of the Aiguilles Rouges. Since the first game was held back in 1924 snow buffs flood the place year after year!

Vail, Colorado USA

In  a paparazzi mood? This is one place where you may see Hollywood stars pulling some stupid stunts and tabloid worthy cover shots. Other than the vast area of picturesque resort, I would book a trip here in hopes of pushing at least one of the kardashians off the slope!

Kitzbuhel, Austria

Popular among backpackers and referred to as one with the liveliest skiing crowd in the world. The 700 year old town is just an un refusable bonus when you get to the place.  A christmas story book that came to life and everywhere you click your camera it would look as if you are inside a snow dome.

so are we ready for a winter adventure?

Monette got a very low tolerance to cold weather and Ron doesn’t have the balls yet to do some vertical jumps off the slope, but if you are going to ask us if we are ready for it? Just show us the bottles of lager and we will be packing our down jackets and booking a flight without batting a snow flake crusted eyelash. And oh! the idea of apres ski time and play as/with snow bunnies isn’t really bad after all.

now sing with us: “sleigh bell ring are you listening in the lane snow is glistening…”