sand rimmed bottles: beach partying 101

Imagine staring blank at the horizon as the huge ball of fire dipping slowly into the ocean, then you pop a bottle to signal the start of a long night of fun.

Is there a better way to spend the nights of your beach escapade than to party it away? However, most if not all first timers underestimate the power of sand and booze and end up waking up the next morning wasted, busted, harassed and in a lot of documented cases–lost somewhere along the shore.

So here are some quick beach partying tips before you head off to the full moon party in Koh Phangan or book one of those package holidays to Ibiza.

Know the crowd. Usually parties happening simultaneously and it is important to know the war so that you will have the proper ammunitions and battle plans. Choose the right party venue by read blogs and accounts in travel forums about the taxonomy of the party animals in the place you are visiting, most specially if you are a foreigner. Check the security and safety reports, advisories and know where to go and whom to call in cases of “unlikely” riot. (unlikely?)

Do not bring phones, jewelries and expensive cameras in the party. Ask yourself first: “Will I commit suicide if I lost this _____ ?” If your answer is a resounding YES, then leave it in the comforts of your hotel. According to studies, vacationers have a higher tendencies to lose control of themselves when drinking in a beach party as compared to the usual weekend clubbing. That is obviously the reason why most of the cases of lost belongings or on the road gadget casualties actually happened on a beach.

Tag a buddy. It is safer to party in numbers. A friend from the opposite sex is a proven and effective repellant of unwanted party trolls who is stalking and hitting on you. But what if you spotted someone you like? Just push your buddy in the corner he/she would understand, believe me. Ultimately, having a buddy is an advantage because at least, someone will drag you home in case the alcohol transformed you into a seaweed.

Label an address tag. Write your room number, hotel address and phone number in a piece of waterproof card (or better yet grab a card from your hotel receptionist) and keep it with you all the time. Slip it in your pouch, bikini, trunks or in your butt crack. This is to avoid waking up in someone else’s room when you crawl your way back home. (Ignore this tip if you want an excuse and wake up in someone else’s room.)

Lastly, Do not push your limit. Know your threshold and be responsible by knowing when to stop. Having fun is not synonymous to “partying until you puke your guts out.” Chillin’ out is way more fun than having regrets the morning after.

Do you have an unforgettable beach drinking story? Share away!