#ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Meme

Fliptravels.com was invited by the Department of Tourism together with the selected group of media for its launching of the new campaign slogan. After last year’s Kay Ganda Hullabaloo, every body’s itching and excited to have a new banner and move on from the horrid past.

Few minutes after the launch, the hashtag #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines spread on the web faster than a herpes virus in a college dorm.

But as expected, a lot of nega stars made some scenes all over twitterdom and facebook universe. And I quote “It is just another resurrected campaign from vintage prints from Switzerland.” Seriously? Ladies, we have seen countless campaigns using the slogan “I <3 [name of place].” We know for a fact that those were ripped from the original Milton Glaser I <3 NY in the 70’s, but did we hear any hate propaganda? The DOT asked for help when they were coming up with a slogan, did you even bother helping?

NO? So go pack yourself and fly out for your much needed Cheap breaks to New York

We like the fact that the new slogan got a character and focusing more on the unique social facet of the country. It is like telling the world that: Yeah, we got the amazing wonders like the Mayon, Rice Terraces and yada yada yada … and you have seen them in the past ads and campaigns. Now allow us to let you experience the “behind the scenes”.

The campaign is raw, candid and interactive. Interactive that in less than 24 hours, a viral meme was activated among pinoys all over the world. Here’s my top 5 faves:

Mt. Pulag (Photo: Mon Corpuz)

Pahiyas Festival (Photo: Robert Benzon)

Quirky street food (Photo: Striking-Photography.net)

Cheap but good beer (Photo: UNKNOWN, message me in case you know who owns this image)

Lechon (Photo: UNKNOWN, message me in case you know who owns this image)

And here are the FLIPTRAVELS’ attempts:

Philippine Dragon Boat Team (Original photo from pinoysport.com)

Tarsier from Bohol (Photo by yours truly)

These just prove that Filipinos are naturally witty, fun loving and creative people!

How to make your own ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Meme. Show us what you can come up with. This is really fun. 

STEP 1: Find an image taken from the Philippines.

STEP 2: Download the Harabara Font. It’s free. [DOWNLOAD HERE] <–from abuggedlife.com

STEP 3: Open Photoshop or any editing software. Insert a text and make sure to adjust the opacity between 65%-75% or depending on the picture’s contrast.

STEP 4: Share away!

Laos is overtaking us on this race people, because no matter how simple and lackluster their campaign is, they are united and proud of what they can offer. I guess we should stop bashing, blame storming and fault finding at this point, instead can we just join the FUN and help promote the country’s unlimited tourism potential? Demmit!

Show us your fave #ItsMoreFunInThePhilippines Meme 🙂