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We entered the gates of SMX convention center and we were greeted with swaying music from a group of people sitting on a corner platform, the aqua floral skirts and shirts made us suspect that Lito Atienza was all behind the gig, the beach-y music and the smiles on their faces lured a crowd like mermaids hypnotizing seafarers down to the deep oblivious seabed.

Then BHAM! Some cute half naked boys in hay skirts started ambushing the lulling crowd with their sticks whirling in the air. (Sticks, bamboo sticks and stop thinking dirty)

The strings, beats and constant smile of the Chamorro ensemble made us want to volunteer ourselves for adoption and ask to take us back home with them. We really wanted to book that one flight to Guam but it was a bit beyond our budget at that time. So we left the hall with nothing but morose hearts, a bagful of stupid fliers and a ringing LSS of that vicious music with lyrics that remotely make sense to our ears, but nonetheless addicting.

We joined this contest sponsored by Heinz and United Airlines and they asked us about the things we want to do in Guam if  in case (and we are hopeful) we bag the trip package

So here is the rundown:

1. In the car on our way back home, we were yakking non-stop talking about the things we can do in that Island of the Marianas group, as if we are subconsciously convincing ourselves to take a U-turn back to the expo and book the flight!

We pictured ourselves lying on the sands of Cocos Island while we retardedly watch the sun peek between the leaves of the palm trees, It may sound a bit too slothful, but yes, slothful refuge is the direction we are heading. I just hope that we can score some local barrels from the ONLY microbrewery in the island and bring it with us to the Cocos!

2. We will also take some time learning the cuisine and fuse it with our personal touch to kick some arse in their Maila ta fan boka Festival. For an island with interesting mix of influences from cultures of different polarities we would not be surprised if they have the widest and most interesting entrees on the menu. And the two of us are more than willing to go on a head to head cook-off battle and put some Iron Chef drama, Guamanian style!

3. And what is a trip to the Pacific without getting inked? It is like going to 5th Avenue in Manhattan without posing a la Hepburn in front of that glass paneled Tiffany window. The Pacific is the perfect location to get another stamp, straight from the race who mastered it first!

4. Finally, we will immerse ourselves with the locals and bring on some swag to learn the dance and jam with the boys and girls we saw from the travel expo, we will drown ourselves in the music and ride some waves of moves of the traditional Chamorro dance and party the night away.

And to answer the question why are we so eager beaver to go to Guam? The answer is fairly simple, because Guam and us, got some unfinished business… It has been more than two years since we had that sampler taste of the island during the Travel and Tour Expo, and it is just about time to get the full serving of it’s main course… and more!

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