hello stranger: cebu

I went to Cebu in December 2009 on a trip that was supposed to be with a 5th grade sweetheart I reconnected through Facebook. Everything was set, the dates, the itinerary and she bought the tickets too. Until, a few weeks before going home, she and her sister stopped over in Bangkok and in a spate of bad luck she contracted AH1N1 virus and was hospitalized for two weeks. Needless to say, our trip didn’t pushed through as she needs the remaining one week of vacation leave to be spent with her daughter back home. I did push through with the trip on my own instead.

Going out on a solo trip for the first time and with no one to share the joys of traveling, I found myself in a sociable mood. I talked to this German girl in Bantayan Island and offered her an invitation to go with me to Bohol the following day. She seems open to the idea until her lesbian lover showed up and says “we’re not going anywhere”. Okay, less she beats me up. The next day I found myself in Bohol, in the blinding white sands of Panglao Island and was sitting alone watching the people frolic on the waters when a middle age Caucasian woman who resembles those who appears on an MILF website, sat beside me. We talked for a while and decided to meet during the night.

Come night time I went out of my room and saw her with a group of Caucasian people herded around together in a table. I was shy to approach her because it might look obvious. So I went back to my room and took a nap that would last till the next day. The next day I went back to Cebu and with no intention of going anywhere, I realized the trip was overbooked for a day and I had nothing else to do but hang out at Ayala Mall.

On my last night while strolling around the mall I ran into a girl and we locked eye contact for a few seconds. I stopped on my tracks and looked back deciding for a split second that I should make a go after her. I followed her and casually said “Hi” she looked at me puzzled, so I turned my imaginary volume knob and said it again, this time with a louder and resounding “Hi”. She smiled and said “Hi” – after a brief introduction we found ourselves ordering non-alcoholic beverage in a nearby coffee shop. She looks like the petite version of Samantha Lopez (of Eat Bulaga’s “Gracia” fame).

From our conversation I found out that she’s in dilemma about her studies, she told me she shifted courses three times already, stopped for a year to work in Manila and now she’s taking up nursing and still not sure if it is the course that interests her. I told her, she should follow her heart but also took it upon myself to explain the opportunity of serving others through being a nurse. She must have liked my explanation that we soon found ourselves holding each other’s hands and thanks to our non-alcoholic beverages no one will blame the “alcohol” when I went back to my hostel’s room with her. The only thing she asked me was if I was a “serial killer” I assured her that I’m not a serial killer, just a formerly ”psycho” patient which made her laugh.

Once inside the room, we talked briefly with me trying to steer the conversation to sexy territory while she continue to talk about her experiences in Manila. There was a brief lull in the conversation and as I click the remote to change channel to HBO, when out of nowhere she asked me if I know anything about body massages. I told her, it’s like ironing a shirt, I could easily follow a certain stroke and I will give it a try. She immediately stripped naked; though covered by the sheet and lied face down and in no time I was on top of her back massaging her smooth white skin. I asked her how I was doing and she said that I sucked at it and just laughed.

I lied down on top of her and held her outstretched arms, she asked me what I was doing and I told her I’m doing a “Mongolian massage”. She turned her face towards me and immediately we kissed each other, she then asked me what kind of massage I’m doing. I told her, this is the “French massage”.

Needless to say, the remaining night became sexy kind of epic and the next day at around 3:00 PM I left Cebu to go back to Manila. On the way to the airport I got an SMS message from her telling me everything is okay and she will give her nursing course another try.  We promised to remain in contact with each other. We did so for a few weeks until, the messages dwindle down and soon our cycle of being ‘strangers – lovers for a few hours – friends – back to being strangers’ was complete.

Still, a part of me looks forward to seeing her again so I could say “Hello Stranger” to her and see if she still remembers me.

 The Ex-Convict