Life is a ripe tomato

We signed up for a contest sponsored by Heinz and United Airlines, and the peg is to write about our Heinz Fun experience.

Instead of writing the usual strokes in article, I was inspired to hit two birds in one stone and write a letter instead–A letter addressed to my condiment choice and my objet d’amour. Because my fun experience with this bottle of goodness happened when I was drowning in love, and cheesy as it may sound but when you are in love, you tend to associate and relate every single thing around you with that single person who is making you see the world through rose tinted glasses ketchup tinted bottles…

It was when the sun was not quite where it should be, a little hidden behind feathers of clouds that waft lazily above Mui Ne, Vietnam. The tide ebbed a little higher to kiss the breakwater that saved the cozy beach restaurant and its loungers regular ocean spittles. The wind was unforgiving for not showing up, not one kite dotted the sky. The colorful canopies were instead carefully rolled and tucked in little cubby holes or in backpacks that hug the long-faced kite-surfers who fervently prayed for wind.

I liked that kind of quiet. As I sat across the table, my eyes stared in hunger. It’s quite interesting how you tickled my senses. You are painfully familiar yet you are surprisingly different in each encounter. It’s like, you blend with my moods perfectly, and my moods are swayed like teenage hormones. That time, I felt like having a pizza. Remember when I had a local spaghetti and I said you’ll never go along with it? Well, you did, you were in the Philippines after all. Inviting, that’s what you look like against the sun. Your color is the color of love. And you are love.

I cannot resist you. I had to move a little closer. You smelled so sweet, maybe a little tangy. But that’s how you are, sunbathing under the sun. My nose pointed my memories to the other day when we were here on the same spot, but I was having fries and burger instead. Then I touched you. You fit perfectly in my hands, between my fingers, in the crevice of my lips. You are everything soft and tender, much like a kiss. Holding you made me feel Christmas in the middle of summer.

Then came the moment of total surrender. I closed my eyes and let you cover my every palate so much so that I heard myself silently giggle because of childlike delight. My tongue felt like it was inside a blender, tumbling uncontrollably, losing its sense in your flavor. Clearly, you assaulted my senses like nothing before. You are life and life is a ripe tomato which I am meant to bite.

That encounter was not fun. No, not fun at all. Being with you again under that February sun by the beach in the coast-hugging town of Mui Ne, Vietnam was quite peaceful. It was bliss.

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