and the prizes go to…

Remeber when we peddled ourselves a few weeks back for you guys to “Like” our Heinz and Guam posts?

Yeah… That…

We had a moment of clarity. We really suck at this pleading thing and so we won’t be seeing boys in grass skirts anytime soon. But there’s one thing we did not forget:

We promised to give away some fab finds we scoured from our previous trip to Thailand, Laos, and Vietnam to three out of all you lovely people who took time and read our articles and liked our Facebook link!


 Vang Vieng Shirt from Laos: Mhe Ann Ojeda!

Travel Pouch from Pai, Thailand: April Katrina!

Vietnam Coffee from… DUH?!: Alden Bustamante!


Just so you guys know that we did not write your names on pieces of paper and hit them randomly with darts:

flip finds

 We will contact the winners via Facebook mail for address details so we can send over the prizes, except for you Ate Mhe Ann because you live so close to me, I think…

Again, a big THANK YOU to everyone who “liked” the posts. Let’s do this charade again sometime, shall we?!?