rome was not built in a day

It was one of those trips that most Catholics dream of. To hop on a plane and take one of the many flights to Rome especially during the Lenten season may not seem to be as the pilgrimage to Hajj is, but the devotion to have set foot on the bastion of the Catholic church has its faithfuls striving, including the pop lit nut.

Celebrating life, Tita Lily visited Vatican and was blessed to have seen the Pope do his rounds on his pope-mobile. Not only that, she was lucky enough to score prime seats on an Easter Mass and got to hear the Pope greet the Philippine church in Tagalog. This, of course, got the Pinoy contingent forget they’re actually inside the church and started screaming and waving their flags like it was Manny Pacquiao belting Sometimes When We Touch.

Aside from the grace that Tita Lily felt swimming in the Vatican crowd, she had Dan Brown in her mind. Blasphemous or not, the book Angels and Demons is perhaps one of the many best things that happened in Rome’s tourism (You may throw in The Da Vinci Code somewhere there) staring from the Pantheon, to Popollo where the first priest was murdered by earth; to St. Peter’s Square where the second priest was stabbed in the lungs, murdered by air; to Santa Maria della Vittoria where the third priest was burnt; down to Piazza Navona where the last priest was drowned. Other locations in the book were not missed like Castel Sant’ Angelo where the Church of the Illuminati is, the Sistine Chapel where the papal conclave is held, and St. Peter’s Basilica where the consiglieri almost blew himself to bits.

In the middle of seeking Dan Brown’s train of thought and visiting churches (there’s almost no difference, really), Tita Lily had her share of hosts who made her stay in Rome an experience to remember. As what she said, “Gratitude is truly the memory of the heart.”

Tita Lily is the wonder-woman behind lifeisacelebration. She may be retired but is most probably more active than you. Yes, you.