beer match and hot bath: what to do and where to eat in coron town

After 49 hours of blocked scheduled catching up with different group of friends in Manila, I decided to sneak a nap in the most accessible place in Makati–Monette’s office. But the 2 hours of nap did not prevented my grumpiness to fly on all directions in the nearly empty ATR 500.

The moment we walked out of the arrival hall of Busuanga Airport, taunting shuttle operators started offering services and slave-driving us to hop-in the van. “Mister, can’t you see we are still smoking?”

Full moon is to ware wolves: sleeplessness is to me. It seemed like I was having a classic case of pre-cougar PMS, and I don’t even have ovaries. The b*tch-fest was tamed and pacified by our driver’s fortuitous playlist of Nicki Minaj, Katy Perry and (Hello) David Guetta party music.

After forty minutes drive, we are already checking-in at Coron EcoLodge. The only thing I wanted to do right at that moment was to jump on the bed and sleep under the white fresh sheets while being lulled by the torrentous rain.

Coron EcoLodge provided us with humongous umbrellas

Of course that did not happen as Monette, Marky and Lauren were starving like hungry hookers and craving for authentic local dishes. They got me on the authentic part and the thought of fresh seafood. Well guess what, we ended up ordering french fries, sandwiches and spring rolls.

Whenever we ask a receptionist or driver the standard question of “Where should we eat” The answer is unanimous–Bistro Coron.

There are tons of choices but we opted ordering the one recommended by the waitress. Waiter’s recommendations, by the way, could either be of two reasons: First, because it’s the best seller; or Second, it’s the fastest and easiest to prepare. I guess in our case of dry-tasteless-pseudo-cordon bleu-wannabe, it was the later. For some reason, Monette liked it a lot and she was not even wasted yet. So I just drowned myself with their cheap wine which I couldn’t complain about because it only costs PhP70 ($2) per glass.

It was raining and we are scheduled to do a town tour. The usual town destinations like souvenir shops, cashew nuts factory will be on the itinerary. Our tricycle driver dropped us first at the Municipal City Hall

Me: “Kuya, what’s this?” 
Driver: “Munisipyo to”

The driver got the sarcastic cue and so we bypassed everything and went straight to Maquinit Hot Spring for a relaxing time to chitchat while pruning ourselves to a Donatella Versace. It was raining and the salt water hot spring was perfect.

So we pruned our butts until we felt so dehydrated that the cold beer wasn’t helping anymore. That time we were all hungry and cold so we craved for a soupy dinner and maybe this time, something local.

Two other restaurants surfaced on the popular list: La Serenetta and Kawayanan.

Still, local cuisine seems not really an in-demand orders in this side of the island. The waitresses of both restaurants recommended pizza and all sorts of beer match dishes. So my eyes gravitated towards Kilawin Tanigue which is a local dish, similar to sashimi drenched with vinegar, coconut milk and spices. Then we ordered pizza, pumpkin soup and all sorts of dishes which are regularly seen on a friday sports bar menu.

La Serenetta is a restaurant on stilt platform near the boat port and Kawayanan is just along the highway, follow the loud Beyonce repertoire and you’ll never get lost.

Kawayanan’s Cheese stuffed Chili Sticks

Crispy Kangkong

The next morning, well technically lunch time, we decided to give Bistro Coron a second shot. Monette ordered the same awful-tasting cordon bleu (I kind of doubted that she was a bit depressed that time, so her sense of taste was in a mess) and since we tried all pizzas from other restos, might as well order one here and compare. Surprisingly, Bistro’s margherita was a home run!

Sausage salad with vinaigrette and blue cheese!

I was disappointed that we settled for the safe choices of menu and local attractions, we could have pushed further and tried tamilok and bird’s nest soup, or play under the rain with cows in rice paddies. But I must admit that the weather condition lured us to comfortable options. We may not have succeeded with the planned out-of-the-box food trip, but with the good old pulutan choices matched perfectly with ice cold beer and an amazing company, were all we need to pull-off a perfect bonding time in Coron.

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  • Aleah |

    September 30, 2012 at 1:55 pm

    Bookmarking. 🙂 Going there in November, so I can do with recommendations on what to do and where to eat! 😀

  • icoSnap

    October 11, 2012 at 3:49 pm

    Wow! This place looks beautiful and the food looks delicious too 🙂 Thanks for the awesome info!

  • Kriska

    March 25, 2013 at 9:05 am

    Had the same problem the last time I was in Coron with friends March of last year; thanks to the bad weather, we weren’t able to explore the town. The only consolation was that our hostess in Rogers Travelers Lodge, Tita Vits, was such a great cook–eating in turned out to be better than going out!

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