Share and Care: Cabin Etiquette Tips

It’s one thing sharing a bed with your spouse every night, but it’s a completely different kettle of fish sharing a cabin on a cruise for several days or weeks at a time, especially if you’re travelling with friends or a relative who you’re not used to sharing with.

Marrying the person you love will mean that you would have accepted their annoying habits – the snoring, the mess or the early rising on a weekend, for example. If you find yourself on a cruise liner, such as the Oasis of the Seas and sharing a cabin with someone who isn’t as familiar with your habits as your other half is, you need to give consideration to each other to make the trip work.

Whether you book one of Thomas Cook’s Caribbean cruises or you are heading to the Med this summer, there are several things that you can keep an eye on to ensure that your cabin sharing experience is a pleasant one.


A major bugbear for many people, if you’re a snorer, let your cabin partner know so that they can pack some earplugs.



Your other half may let you take over the bedroom with all your stuff, but that doesn’t mean your cabin partner should have to cope with the same. Unless you have paid for an upgrade, standard cabins are on the small side, so make sure you compromise on the space you have. Share hangers, drawers and cupboards and keep your belongings tidy.

Be Quiet!

If you like to rise early but your mate prefers a lie in, don’t bang, crash and wallop. Be quiet so that your morning routine doesn’t disturb your cabin partner’s. After all, if they want a lie in, why shouldn’t they? They’re on holiday!

Showing each other a little respect will be all you need to enjoy the time you have together, without any animosity or resentment rearing their heads. Check out the range of Thomas Cook’s Caribbean cruises, today.

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