Dear Mommy and Mama,

We apologize for giving you both chest pain and hyperventilation whenever we surprise you with last minute (late) declarations of our destinations and activities.

Sorry if sometimes we have to hide photos of us in Facebook (like those paragliding and summit shots) to save ourselves from the litany of life lessons and weather advisory.

Congratulations for discovering Facebook, now you can stalk us 24/7 that still warrants the question “Where are you? Call me now!” after liking our statuses… And do not believe when people say we are on Twitter. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS TWITTER ON THE INTERNET MOM! (It’s an urban legend).

Thank you for constantly reminding us that we are gaining weight on a monthly basis. We get the message.

Thank you for the funny anecdotes and one liner dramas we get occasionally via SMS. It crack us up all the time. Although, you are miles away from us, we still feel the love, warm kisses and constant nagging that we need to eat properly… We love it!

Thank you for supporting us and unconditionally understanding the roads that we have chosen take.

And ultimately, we couldn’t be more grateful for letting us see this wonderful world!

Happy Mother’s day! We love you both!


How about you? What are your moms’ thoughts about your traveling lifestyle? Share away!