when we evolve as travelers

As you grow older, the style of traveling and the places you want to visit will eventually change concurrently. You will soon start to hate the things that you used to love and love the thing that you despised in the past. Like when you used to hate dirty cities, but now you kind of starting to like getting all “dirty”—Say mud spa <wink>.

We started as backpackers, half a decade ago we have chosen to be identified as the street smart and going-down-and-dirty travelers. Haggling our way to score cheap knick-nacks, running after buses and trains, combing the backstreets to find the 10-dollar hostel dorm, sleeping in airports to save moolas and eating in filthy nooks where we can find fast, cheap and delicious food. Well guess what—IT GETS OLD!

Because things are changing. We are shifting gears and slowing down on a trip, we are expanding geographical reach, we are spending more money, and ultimately, we are learning more to quietly understand and talk less bullshits. That’s the moment when we evolve as travelers.

When we evolve as travelers, we ditch the jam-packed itineraries to simply see and experience things or places as they unfold in front of our eyes while walking on a sunday afternoon or watching time pass on a park.

Who cares about the “must sees?” If we follow someone else’s path then we defeat the real purpose of exploring. We need to see new things, leave new trails and help those who simply want to see things and consider travel as an escape rather than a romantic journey. Again that’s perfectly fine.


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When we evolve as travelers we will notice that trips are getting more and more expensive, because the remaining items in our bucket lists are getting more and more geographically remote. As we acclimatize with the curse-inducing plane ticket and hotel prices, we get to appreciate luxury options and splurging getaways.

There is nothing wrong with that, sometimes the comfort of booking a pre-arranged escape with online sites like Club Med and the likes, can give us a worry-free vacation where we can slothfully lie on a recliner, scratch our butts like there’s no tomorrow and temporarily forget the real life Game of Thrones back at work.

When we evolve as travelers we accept the fact that we are not getting any younger: Climbing a steep hill is becoming a horrifying ordeal, pausing every 10 minutes while we stroll across the side streets are increasing in frequency and sitting in a cafe is becoming more of a glorious trip highlight than those temple assaults.

That’s when we realize that we prefer comfort than image. Surely, we would look cool and kick-ass in a 70L backpack and skinny jeans, but dude, tell me that a 20kg backpack and a tight pair of trousers are more comfortable than a rolling trolley and loose cargo shorts… then please allow me to stick my nuts in your brain!

When we evolve as travelers we get to accept that there is no significant difference between a traveler and a tourist because of one plain reason—both are really just the same. So stop arguing, GET OVER IT AND MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE!

Again this is just me, travel is a personal quest and should not be patterned on someone else’s map, but traveling easy by tracing a path is equally valid and acceptable. It is a dynamic experience, we adapt to the journeys’ demands, move with the wind and thrust against the waves. Because ultimately, when we accept to learn that the true essence of travel is respecting individuality, then that’s when we evolve as travelers.


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