Flip Freebies: ANMA Lifestyle travel accessories

When somebody ask you about the the travel clothes and accessories you are wearing, Don’t you just love it if  you can answer with full glory and pride “Oh, It’s made in the Philippines!”

We strongly support and admire individuals who can draw inspirations from travel and whip a creative output. Even I myself is finding it difficult to churn something out my arse after every trip and this is why we give props to ANMA Lifestyle.

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ANMA’s luxe travel accessories are products of musings drawn from Annick’s past travels across the continents. I mean guys, I went to Paris and I can only make a stupid origami made of table napkins—talk about post trip channeling of creativity. What more if it’s something like travel accessories that will make transit time easy without compromising style. ANMA products are stylish yet functional with world class quality and sophistication, Now that’s bringing modern luxury to travel basics.

We believe that it is high time to uplift the Filipino ingenuity and craftsmanship that are worthy of flaunting to the world! The fact that we got the talent, resources, skills and style gave us no reason not to love what we have. Enough of the Hamburger mentality and let’s all show everyone what we can nail and rock <SNAP SNAP POUT>

anma fliptravels

So we got something for all our stylish travelers. We’ve teamed up with ANMA LIFESTYLE to give you the must-have travel accessories for your next trip.


Two sets of luxe travel packs.

Here’s what’s inside the loot:

1) TRAVEL WALLET — Features 4 compartments for Tickets, Passport, Documents & Cash, a zippered compartment and exterior compartment for boarding pass.
2) GRAB CLUTCH IPAD CASE  — A perfect on-the-go pouch for iPads and non-tech accessories that you can tote around town.
3) PASSPORT HOLDER — Yeah, a passport holder.
Step 1. Follow these two accounts on Facebook Anma Lifestyle and Fliptravels.com
Step 2. Pick a picture of your best trip with someone you love to travel with. Include a short caption why it was special.
Step 3. Tag us on Instagram (@anmalifestyle @wrongcruise) or Facebook (Anma Lifestyle/Fliptravels.com and send us the links) Pictures must be tagged within August 25-September 8, 2013. The winner of the best picture with caption will be announced by September 9, 2013.


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  • Jean Feliciano

    August 29, 2013 at 7:10 am

    visit tripolgie for all you travel accessories need.

  • Stella Sandoval

    September 11, 2013 at 10:06 am

    This is interesting. It always feels good wearing and using Filipino products. And how convenient this travel wallet is! I’ll look into this. Thanks for sharing! 🙂

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