types of travelers with annoying online habits

[DISCLAIMER] This is the result of an informal survey that I conducted within my own social circle. These are just general observations of online behaviours that somehow, I myself is guilty of. So, please don’t take this seriously. Now, if you will not be receptive and be a douche about this post, look at the upper right corner of your monitor and X your way out of this blog immediately.


“Here’s my picture #34 for day 1… More to come! #latergram”

An average of ten pictures per day is acceptable, but anything beyond that can be considered under the category of catastrophic flooding. So, posting of photos of a single subject in 47 different angles is what would qualify as deluge of biblical proportion.

This is only acceptable if you are a Steve McCurry and Sebastiáo Salgado, or NASA officially sent you on an expedition to Mars.

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“Ugggh! Walking on the streets of Paris is soooo tiring #iHateMyLife”

This traveler has more issues than Cosmopolitan Magazine, she will attempt to brag while nonchalantly trampling on that bucket list most of us can only dream of.

She tactlessly expresses her concerns upon witnessing the Great migration in Serengeti, so she posts her pictures captioning how her choice of shoes is killing her calves “OMG, my legs are sore! Bad choice of shoes for this day-long safari walking, WTF I’m dead tired.”

I am with the rest of you who are hoping her calves will develop varicose and gangrene so that she can legitimately whine about it.

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“You mean you’ve been to the Himalayas and you didn’t even see a Snow Leopard? That’s sad!”

These competitive, alpha male, femme fatale, type A personas and would-not-say-no-for-an-answer kind of people deal with travel like as if it’s a fucking contest.

He will get there first, his experiences are Nat Geo feature worthy and if he sees someone’s trip bubbling-up to his feats, he will start trivializing everyone else to retain his spot. So what, if you’ve been to your 80th province in the Philippines? Shut it because he’ve been to his 85th, four of which aren’t official provinces yet.

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“Not all who wanders are…. whatev!” ~<insert his own name here>

These people surely are living in their own existential moments. They will irreverently quote themselves with cheesy cliches and spew philosophical thoughts out of their random orifices. They are usually the same people with an inclination to become the know-it-all, activist, nature advocate and self righteous preachers like as if they know everything and are so close to owning the patent of the whole concept of travel.

This is only acceptable if you are Paolo Coelho, The Dalai Lama, Pope Francis, Jesus Christ or Jaden Smi—(NO, not Jaden Smith) Chuck Norris.

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“192.3 days before my big trip! YAY!”

To be fair, there are really some people who just couldn’t contain their excitement. Counting down isn’t that bad at all, unless they continue doing it religiously to a point that people will start gravitating towards the unfollow button.

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“Wow, you are in Paris! I was there last year too, you know? I even <blah blah blah>”

These self-venerating bitches usually conceal themselves under the cloak of a faux-friend who will start by pretending they are genuinely supportive and interested on your trip updates. But the real plan is to steal your thunder, rain on your parade and seize the opportunity to turn the spotlight on them.

She won’t allow you to have your own moment because as far as her own atlas goes, it is always about her, she’s in the middle of every group hugs and she’s at the center of this universe.

Don’t invite her on your birthday, she might blow your candles at the end of your happy birthday song.

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 “Here’s the majestic view of the Mt. Fuji #Selfieeeee” 

She follows the rule of thirds: One-third for the view, two-third for her face!

Fine, they can do whatever they want in their social media sites. They can post photos of whatever facial angles and god-knows what body parts for all we care, and we should respect that. But please do not deny that you are annoyed with the DAILY dose of validation-begging photos while they are on a trip: Hotel room #Selfie, airport #Selfie, souvenirs #Selfie, plate of pasta #Selfie, world heritage site #Selfie. sleeping in the train #Selfie… TANGENUHHH! Might as well put her face on trip advisor’s top ten attractions of that destination.

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“Hello Antartica! #NoSelfies”

He will post grabbed photos from someone else’s social account and claims that he’s on that vacation. Now that’s just sick! Who the fuck does that? Apparently, I wasn’t alone who noticed (and suspected) that some people actually do this shit!

You can fake an orgasm but you can’t fake a trip, that’s a basic rule backed by science. This makes me cringe violently bordering epilepsy, but then I realized that this is just seriously sad. He needs help!

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These behaviours are totally acceptable (with the exception of the last one) at varying degrees and relevance of justification. Also, depending on where your followers/friends stand in the online tolerance continuum (ranging between Taylor Swift drama queen to an emotion of an iron skillet).

There is always the unfollow button if the bragging is just way beyond your threshold and if the frequency of self promotion starts giving you nausea. But come to think of it, if we choose to stay connected maybe because we can just shrug it all off, or maybe because of the entertainment factor that comes with it and our equal freedom to feel annoyed and rant about it.

AGAIN I am not judging, the intention of this post is to illustrate an observation and how it is generally seen from an audience point of view. But above anything else, we respect that we all have the freedom to do the way we want to do it online and it is ultimately up to you to be sensitive and adjust by what you believe versus how you are perceived.

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