5 Tito Travel Tips

Being real Tito Traveler is more than just about posting photos of fancy hotels and cleaned-up OOTD’s. It is a culture of having fun on the road without losing such status of impeccable gravitas.

For one, wise is the new cool. And as a proponent to responsible travel, allow me to say that in our younger years, there were practical travel tips that fell on deaf ears and left in the recesses of our subconscious, because we were too busy being entitled and annoyingly romantic.  Well, not anymore, so I listed them down and tweaked a bit to be relevant in current times.


Follow the social media account of your consulate office

Watch our for the latest travel advisories issued by DFA through the official Philippine Embassy in your country of destination. In this interesting time when everything in politics is uncertain, we need to be informed more than ever. This will serve dual purpose: first, being knowledgeable on the headlines will give you the best topics to start a conversation in A LOT of situations ranging from establishing business network to picking up someone in a bar; second, in cases of emergency, these social media accounts could also be your best point of contact rather than the hotline numbers (nobody calls these days, plus nobody picks up calls in embassies).


Understand your bank rules and limitations

Some details such as conversion rates, withdrawal fees/limits, and card usage benefits may be the clincher to every tito’s goal to “spend wisely.” The financial aspect of travel is something we always place in that box called selective amnesia. Now that we are more capable of spending, we tend to “over-splurge” and yes, that’s an intentional hyperbole as most often than not, we abuse the term splurge.

The combined amount that we save if we mind the small differences of bank’s forex, charges, and miles accrued could be that sleeve of budged you could offset for your next splurging. But not oversplurging, as that is the thin line between rewarding yourself and being a complete idiot.


Get adequately insured

I have seen horror stories recently of people traveling without insurance cover, where accidents happened and eventually leaving their families and friends shouldering the repercussions of such irresponsibility. Sad to say that Filipinos does not have the insurance culture, to some extent people find not buying travel insurance as gutsy and cool. NO! It is not cool, what’s cool is when you know how to enjoy your adventure while sparing your love ones additional stress and worry in an event of accident.

You managed to secure yourself a 200-dollar table reservation in a Michelin Star restaurant but you can’t get a 30-dollar insurance policy? SHAME.


Secure your online presence

It is 2019, it still feels so Jetsons whenever I mention the year we are at. Technology is straight out of a science fiction, as hackers are from some heist film with hip hop artist in the billing. These thieves got really creative, and they could watch your activity, take note of the sites you visit and even track the keys you are press to steal passwords for you bank accounts and other websites that you are subscribed to.

Thankfully,  there are lots of things that you can do to make sure you don’t end up a victim. You can either purchase a pay as you go sim, or secure your own system with Virtual Private Network. If you’re not familiar how VPNs work, you can learn more about it here.


Always be ready look the part

Finally, make sure you could quickly transform from the cool guy in the weekend club party, to that one VIP jet setter commanding any room full of premiere guests.

We all travel to loosen up and escape the uptight life in the city, but there are situations while traveling where it pays looking like the Great Gatsby on the move. No matter how much the world tries to live by the saying “not to judge a book by its cover,” it surely could not escape the fact that we live in a superficial society, where merely looking “proper” elevates you all the way up to the top of the food chain. So always pack a set with black shoes, clean trousers, crisp white shirt, and a neutral-colored blazer, in case of emergency—Trust me, I once got upgraded to business class by looking like a page in G2000 lookbook.

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