Fliptravels.com. Started as a journal of two Filipinos who found catharsis in escaping and breaking the monotony of their corporate lives through travel.

A no-holds-barred telling of the adventures and misadventures of exploring the world as independent flashpackers.

Unlike majority of the travel blogs who gives out tips and guides on the destinations, Fliptravels.com shift the focus from the places to human element; and landmark to their relationship with it.

While other blogs channel Jack Kerouac’s gutsy adventures, Carrie Bradshaw’s chic escapades and Dora the explorer’s toddler-friendly narratives, this page will take you to the other direction and will gravitate towards Bonnie and Clyde’s raw irreverence with occasional sappiness.

This blog refuse to be confined by the pressures of SEO and traditional formula. The place is highlighted enough but it becomes a mere setting, albeit active and essential. The focus is the experience — the odd, the hilarious, the insightful.


the video that catapulted this website in 2009.