How to Apply Indian Tourist Visa for Filipinos

In the past, Philippine passport holders are eligible to enter India under visa on arrival arrangement. Some websites now state that it is still the case when arriving in major airports , but Wikipedia says otherwise. I tried checking with Indian government websites but they are even more confused than that John Travolta meme. So, I would say it is advisable to just apply for e-Visa in advance to spare yourself from unnecessary stress and anxiety prior to your trip.


The steps would be very straightforward.

1. Apply online through

2. Upload recent photo and ID page of the passport.

3. Pay the visa fee using credit/debit card through the link after registration is complete (USD 50++ as of April 2018).

4. ETA will be emailed to you after 2-3 working days.

– No documents are required other than the passport copy, latest photo ID and online application form. We don’t need to furnish bank statements, plane tickets, or hotel reservations (choosy pa sila?).
– eVisa issued are valid for 60 days from the first arrival, with maximum of two entries within the 60 days validity period. We can only apply for eVisa twice in a calendar year, perhaps the third time we may need do the application in the Embassy.
– Take note of your application number issued at registration. You could monitor the status of the application and outcome is usually available on the website a day before they send you the ETA notification.
– They don’t issue official receipts/invoice for the online payment.
– BE CAREFUL. There are websites that look exactly like the official online page, so make sure you are paying the right web portal.

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