prepping up

wala pa tayong titirahan sa bora, sa tuesday na tayo aalis
so ano walk-in na ulit ito?
what time ka ba nasa airport?
mga 1 pm
para ma adjust ko yung sched ko
panget daw sa *tooot*
ay, ayaw mo talaga sa *tooot*?
mas madami daw maganda na beach front. hanap tayo pag dating. di ko gusto mga reviews sa *tooot*. off peak naman so why not beach front na fabulous, daba?
haha! sabagay… sige, adventure na rin lang ang hanap natin e, sagad sagarin na natin… sana lang umaraw
di pala ako tuloy sa laiya bukas
so pwede na ko dumerecho sa balur bukas ng morning
keri 😀:D
may bagyo naman kasi

sabi ko nga!

so here’s the plan. gabi na tayo makakarating sa bora so pwede tayo pa drop off muna sa isang area. then mag hati hati tayo, si raph sa station 1 ako sa 2 ikaw sa 3… we’ll take the backpacker risk, hanap tayo ng magandang place.
fun isn’t it?… sana lang wag umulan
i know! na eexcite na nga ako with the mere thought….eto ang bonggang bonggang idea… pag wala na tayong makita, matulog tayo ng first night sa buhangin… FUN ISN’T IT?

Ron Cruz is Offline.

So this is the typical planning stage when Ron and I leave the country or go out-of-town. I know it sounds contradicting but we tend to plan on things we need to do, places to see, hotel to stay in and food to eat, but we try to be as spontaneous as possible when we get to our destination. I was once asked why I needed to plan a backpacking trip. Simple, Ron and I don’t have the luxury of time so we try to research as thoroughly as possible. Budget is also another concern. We are not exactly sons and daughters of the president. We are overworked and underpaid corporate slaves trying to save for trips we dream of taking. Once in Manila, we shift to “hermit mode” wherein we don’t go out and party if not necessary. Check out the budget we made for our trip to Boracay!

Hotel Accommodation:

Per night accommodation at the Royal Park Resort Hotel Station 1 (with free breakfast) – Php2,200.00


All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) 1 hour rent with guide – Php350.00
Entrance to Luho Park (access to Boracay view point) – Php25.00
Reef Walking – Php400.00 (additional Php500.00 to have your pictures and video taken)
Ride the Zorb – Php380.00


Dinner at Gasthof’s: Pork Ribs – Php375.00 (half order); Breaded Calamares – Php120.00; Liempo – Php150.00
Breakfast at Real Cafe: Real Coffee – Php90.00; Calamansi Muffin – Php45.00
Lunch at Red Coconut Beach Resort: Seafood Paella Php495.00; Liempo – Php250.00
Dinner Buffet at Eclipse Room and Bistro: Php230.00
Dessert at Zuzuni’s: Mati Chocolate Sin – Php250.00
Merienda at the beach: Hotdog on stick – Php30.00; Isaw (chicken intestine) – Php10.00; Chori Burger – Php30.00; Banana Choco Peanut Shake – Php99.00
Starbucks Fix: Tall Drip Coffee – Php100.00; Chicken Empanada – Php80.00
Budget for booze every night at Pat’s: Php500 (hihi! yes, we drink this much!)


Boat Fare + Environmental Fee: Php80.00
Trike from Port to Hotel – Php100.00
Trike ride from here to there – Php7.00 – Php10.00
Boat Fare to Jetty Port – Php30.00


3 assorted pasalubong in a bayong – Php100.00
Boracay sando/shirts – 2 for Php150.00
Dresses – Php170.00 – Php250.00
Native bags – Php150.00 – Php250.00
trinkets (cellphone accessories, key chains) – Php10.00 each

Since I am a self-confessed mathematically challenged person, go ahead and do the math. Frankly, we overestimated the prices of the activities and underestimated the prices of food. But what the heck, we all must learn… It was off peak and we were practically blown away by the strong wind so the beach activities weren’t that popular. Another tip: look for hotels that are being renovated. Normally they give big discounts. And if we are all lucky, maybe they’d bring down the prices of food… but that’s pushing the envelope by the tip of the island. We just can’t have it all…



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