Ride the ZORB!

Picture this: a huge inflatable bouncing ball 3 meters in diameter, rolling freely down a 20 meter high and 45 degree inclined hill, running 130 meters from top to the base floor. Now, imagine yourself strapped inside the ball.


zorbyes that’s me and raphael inside

Other than taking-up Nursing, Zorbing is one of the most extreme stunts that I did so far. I first saw this on Discovery channel back in 2004-ish, I was drooling in front of the television while watching how they push the harness ball from the top of the hill. It started in New Zealand and the one in Boracay is the first in the country, not a lot of Filipinos are aware that this dare devil playground exist in the island, they started pushing people down the hill mid May of this year, and the ride tickets are selling like Zara clearance items, and they are expecting to get more crowd once they hit the peak seasons of December and Summer.

After our ATV joyride and playing with fishes while reef walking, we head-off to Yapac, then it started raining–EVEN PERFECT! As we watch seven batches of thrill seekers and see them go down the hill, I said to myself “oh, it’s OK, it’s fast anyway, you wouldn’t notice the 15 seconds fly, before you know it it’s over” … and man I was wrong.

Good thing we skipped the buffet lunch in station 2, and head-off to do this with an empty stomach or I could have ended up bathing with semi-digested crab meat and Liempo. I SWEAR, IT WAS THE LONGEST 15 SECONDS OF MY LIFE! Upon jump-off you will feel the inertia pulling from all directions, and after few seconds (which felt like an hour) it will gain momentum, so you would think it’s over, but it just wouldn’t stop! Believe me, I was pretending to scream to scare those who are queued up in the line, but midway, I was really screaming like a high school girl!


zorbsurviving our first roll!

There are two types of rides. Harness and Hydro: harness is the one I tried first, where you’re safely strapped inside the ball, this is more extreme (and fun) where you can expect to throw your guts out once you hit the base ground. I also tried riding Hydro with Monette and another friend Reggie, the three of us were locked inside the zorb with several pails of water. Although less intense, unlike the harness, you’re not strapped and so you’re like sliding down with nothing to hold on for dear life.

If these rides wouldn’t satisfy your insatiable craving for adrenalin rush (which I honestly doubt) just have your self ran over, Seriously, that’s what we did.


located at Ilig-Iligan, Yapac, Boracay
open from 9 AM to 6 PM
maximum of 80 kg/pax; 160 combined, weight difference of less than 20 kg

THRIFT TIP: renting a tricycle to the site may cut around PhP200 off your budget, it is not necessary, free shuttles are departing from the parking lot in front of Boracay Holiday Resort Stn. 2 [behind Boracay Regency & Hotel Seraph]. Beware of the tricycle drivers in blue, absolutely a tourist trap.

watermarkI will be posting the videos soon!


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  • Mr Whattaworld

    October 7, 2009 at 6:33 am

    How much was the ride? There is supposedly one here in Singapore (somewhere in the Novena/Bukit Timah area) but I dare not ask as I would presume it would be sinfully expensive… 🙂

  • flipntravels

    October 8, 2009 at 10:38 pm

    hey there! the ride is actually cheap at 380 per person. the experience is worth every cent. you should give it a try! the drop is higher here in the philippines compensating for the length of the ramp. the height of the one in singapore should be less than 3-5 meters but the ramp is longer by 5 meters. 😀

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