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My biggest concern while on the road is staying connected. Other hipster travelers will vehemently condone bringing of laptops and mobile phones when traveling because it apparently defeats the purpose of the escape, well, I beg to differ.

The convenience of the ability to access online maps, reference information and ultimately, being connected with people back home (and everyone else) is insurmountable. So I am not gonna argue, until the time you are sponsoring my trip and paying me heaps of premiums, you may stop telling me how to travel.



So here are some of the useful tips for travelers like me who belong to the continuum of borderline tech savvy to pathologically nomophobic.


1) Label your devices

You may look like that kid in the camp with a mom who labels everything from underwear to face towel. But mom knows best, in case you leave your camera, chargers, smart phone or laptop, you can be contacted to return the item to you. Many airline employees, hotel and restaurant staff and good Samaritans will return your devices to you if they can get in touch.


2) Bring Ziplock bags

Other than a detention device for your nasty and repulsive dirty undergarments, ziplock bags will come in handy if your trips will involve wet weather and crossing bodies of water. You may also put rice grains in a pouch as an aggressive form of desiccant, this will keep your gadgets moisture free.


3) Organize your wires

In this modern age of electronics being human’s appendage, it equates to a fact that behind every great gadget is a pile of tangled wires making your bag look suspicious under the x-ray as if you are smuggling cooked spaghetti. I use huge binder clips to hold my wires or neatly wind them inside the pairs of shoes.


4) Insure your devices

When you purchase travel insurance, make sure to get the one that covers loss of electronic devices. Essentially, ask to know the insurer’s guidelines on claiming as some requires a detailed police report from the place of incident to be reimbursed. My insurance pays $1,500 for lost or stolen phones, laptops and camera.


5) Master the art of staying charged

Smart phone batteries die faster than the afro-american character in b-movies. So keeping that battery life in green is surely a talent.

  • Invest on good battery pack, get the 12,000mAh or higher that will give you 5x charging cycles.
  • Get the universal power adapter with usb slots.
  • Know where to charge on the go, some aircrafts and trains have power outlets right next to your sear or the lavatory.
  • No power outlets? Forgot your adapter? Check the back of your hotel TV, they usually have USB ports where you can plug your phone.


6) Put all your gadgets in one carry-on bag

Because check-in counters don’t weigh electronic devices and accessories as part of you carry-on weight limit. That’s an extra 2-3 kg allowance.


7) Know your data roaming charges  

I was in Vietnam when iPhone first came out, no one knows that back then the phone’s data roaming setting was on default and a month later I received a staggering P11,000 phone bill. So I am more than glad that telcos are now offering cheaper roaming plans. And Globe gave me such happiness and peace of mind.

Globe Data Roaming flat rate of P599/day is now available in over 70 countries worldwide. To use the service, simply switch on your data roaming and you’ll be locked on to Globe’s partner carrier in your destination. As an added value, subscribers on the unlimited data roaming service also receive free TravelCare insurance which provides up to P200,000 worth of protection from travel inconveniences. To see all destinations covered and to learn more, visit for more details! #GlobeDataRoaming

Because, Maslow’s.

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  • Chris Hansen

    November 16, 2014 at 8:29 pm

    Great advice. Tell the dorks who think that leaving the mobile phones at home ensures a peaceful trip that if their loved one(s) need them while they’re on the adventure discovery trip to Outer Slobbovia and they’ve left their mobiles at home, they will be pretty sad to return and find out the news.

  • ems

    December 30, 2014 at 2:14 am

    benta sakin to!
    “Smart phone batteries die faster than the afro-american character in b-movies.”

    happy new year! 😀

  • Rain Campanilla

    March 18, 2015 at 10:48 am

    sobrang effort ang MS-painted “wifi” 😀

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