why vlog?

In case you haven’t noticed, I almost abandoned this space. Things got real and I guess people are outgrowing the travel blogging idea. Start an argument on traveler versus tourist and I will stick my finger up your descending colon so you know that the universe created this finger for a good reason.

Now I am writing again just for myself. Fuck SEO, fuck censorship, fuck all of you who ruined the blogger reputation–I hope karma fuck you good ’til kingdom come.

Instagram killed blogging, because kids nowadays are too lazy that they want everything served instantly and it should not require a bare minimum IQ to be entertained. That was exactly like how blogs ruined proper book reading some [coughs] donkey years ago. Now Youtube is starting to murder Instagram, and boy I want to pour some whiskey and watch them burn to the ground.

When I said lazy I meant dumb.

So vlogging. Conceptualizing, writing, recording, editing, stealing music, procrastinating, watching random cat videos to reset your brain, rendering, repeat. Trust me, it ain’t easy. I started doing videos 8 years ago, in fact the very reason why we put up this blog was for some stupid video project (No. I am not putting the link). Then we produced PHL360, later came Skyscanner Xchange. All of which I felt I was thinking too much and trying too hard to make something that would pique the viewers’ interest. Sure it was fun, I met most of my lifelong best friends because of those projects, but I could have done it better my way.

So this time, I’m vlogging and I am doing just what I want and what I am passionate about. No market research, no regards to what’s relevant now, no prescribed color palette on visuals. That’s straight up fuck you B and C target audience, fuck you political correctness, fuck you hyper whitewashed and teal & orange color correction. I want this to be me: irreverent bordering tacky, teeming with verbal diarrhea from that one drunk tito in your family reunion.


The series will be of travel videos featuring the places and the people I traveled with. 50% random subjects, like those Japan Video Topics series in the 90’s that was so bipolar, your brain couldn’t seem to transition from a feature on Japanese geriatric home to Kanamara matsuri Penis Festival; 50% Facebook Live in a very Eleanor Nishiumi style, deliciously brutal but endearingly campy. That’s 100% pure tito goodness with a fair share of those millennial shit.

So, let’s start with this one right here.

This first vlog is about Juan Luna’s biggest exhibition for years staged by the National Gallery Singapore. No I’m kiddin, it is really more about Angel Juarez of Lakwatsero.com and how we troll each other while traveling.

The point is, sure we travel for things we want to see or do. But what would matter more are those whom we shared those moments with. I am making these vlogs for that reason. Because ten years down the road when your have nothing good to do, you will set-up a reunion: you will remember the place, but a good important chunk would be the actual process of laughing and sweetly reminiscing those days while you sit together pouring whiskey, watching youtube vloggers burn down to the ground.

So allow me to indulge and say this for the first time:

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