happy birthday to my partner

monyat - ta prohm

10 things you may (or may not) want to know about Monette:

1.    She got a huge tendency to acquire Alzheimer’s. Her sporadic episodes of Dementia, family history and my personal testimonies can attest to that.

2.    Her greatest fear to this point is not getting married at age 30

3.    Her standards in terms of men would only shortlist, Michael Phelps, Albert Einstein, Paul Gilbert and the Pope

4.    She loves cupcakes, but ONLY when we’re out of the country… don’t ask!

5.    She can be very spontaneous and ridiculously clueless at the same time…amazing!

6.    Give her a pack of cigarettes, a good book, an internet connection and you can throw her exiled in her own room for days.

7.    She’s wanderlust, but if she’s in an unfamiliar place, you can blindfold her, spin her around three times and she’ll get lost.

8.    Force her to put on make-up and she will turn in to ash.

9.    She got a closet-full of out-of-this-world dresses even Lady Gaga wouldn’t dare wearing.

10.    She can talk the whole day about her opinions on anything, but ask her to describe her idea of fun, she’ll give you two words—VIDEOKE MACHINE!

(sing the following lines in the tune of Mad World by Her Majesty—Adam Lambert!)
Happy-happy-happy-happy birthday…
Happy birthday…
Happy birthday, to you!


as an annual tradition, I’m posting the ultimate make-over picture of Monette. Before and after she knew mePhotobucket


So Funny!


Luv you! muah-muah!