If you happen to be in Clark or in that part of Pampanga, you may want to check-out the famous steak house Rumpa. Monette mentioned this to me long before we actually decided to drive all the way to Angeles to try their mouth watering barbecue steak.


rumpa's entrance

Opened in 1968 at Clark, Pampaga. A.C. Rumpa (which stands for Angeles City Retired US Military Personnel Association) is owned by a group of United States servicemen stationed at the base within this city.

Based on Monette’s description, it’s really good. She’s been repeatedly describing the food with over the top excitement every time she gets a chance to do so. Finally, we decided to check it out. I can’t help but drool while driving on the way to Pampanga.

rumpa's mini garden

rumpa's menu

The menus are basically American or Pampanga-American. Their Specialties are Roast Beef with mashed potatoes and gravy, Barbequed Spare Ribs (marinated in a secret sauce and baked) and T-bone steak.

We ordered the popular Prime rib steak (PhP185), cordon bleu (PhP160) and the ever so coveted barbecue spareribs (PhP160) which came with a side of buttered (pre-packed and frozen) vegetables – diced carrots, peas and corn kernels medley, and a choice of either rice or mashed potatoes with gravy.

My Our personal favorite is the Barbecue Spareribs, the meat is so tender it melts in your mouth and it comes with a heavenly coronary heart infarction sauce, which seemed to be bottomless after three cups of additional serving.

rumpa's barbecue steak

rumpa's honey lemon iced tea

The iced tea (PhP30) is served in rustic jars, sweetened with honey and squeezed-in with fresh lemon. Just the perfect beverage to wash-off the lard off of your palate. I don’t want to use the public restrooms in the gas stations along the highway, so I told myself that I will eat minimally. But I end up all bloated and sleepy after the sumptuous lunch.

For the price PhP250 per person, this place is highly recommended. Their motto here is “Where good food is at its lowest possible price.” You simply can’t go wrong.

A.C. RUMPA RESTAURANT is located at 1307 Surla St. Balibago, Angeles City Pampanga

Getting there: Before entering Clark field area, instead of turning right (to SM Clark) GO straight ahead, slow down right after the first corner. turn right to Surla street (3rd street). drive 100 meters and you will see the the restaurant on the right side of the street. Surla is not a commercial area, that’s why the place looks like an ordinary house with a small white gate.



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