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chinatown singapore

Arriving in Singapore may well be the most stress-free experience in traveling. After all, they have what is considered to be the best airport in the world. Changi Airport is easily accessible from the Budget terminal because of the free airport shuttle that goes back and forth on regular intervals. From the airport, you have several options to choose from to get to your hotel or hostel.

The very convenient EZ Link where you have to get a card for SGD$15 consumable. You can reload it when you run out of credits. They’d even let you cash out whatever value is remaining and you get to keep the card as souvenir when you leave Singapore. Almost all the sights are accessible through MRT and the lines are all interconnected. From the airport, there’s an MRT station going to the city center, however, they are operational only until 11 PM.

reloading EZ link card at an mrt stationreloading our EZ link card


If you arrive in Changi from 11 PM – 6 AM, you may take the cab with SGD$2.80 as the flagdown rate with SGD $0.20 charge on every 385 m thereafter (or less > 1 km and ? 10 km), plus 50% night differential (12 MN – 5:59 AM) and 35% of metered fare during peak hours (Monday to Friday 7 AM – 9:30 AM and Monday to Saturday 5 PM – 8 PM). This is also the only city in the world that has Mercedes-Benz E220 CDI and Chrysler 300C taxi cabs.

chinatown singapore

Another one is the shuttle service you can avail from the kiosks inside the airport. Their schedule varies but leaves promptly regardless whether the shuttle is full or not. Ron took the Woodlands Shuttle Service for SGD$9 and was taken right in front of our hostel in Chinatown.

And of course, buses are also another way to get around the city. Like in Hong Kong, they are numbered according to destinations. Fares range from SGD$0.69 to SGD$1.65, the EZ link cards also work as form of payment, and cheaper than paying in cash. What’s good about the bus lines is that the drivers are getting paid by the government with a fixed salary, so unlike Filipino bus drivers, they won’t stop for more than an hour to fish for passengers. The MRT is the most convenient way of going around the city, but buses will enable you to see Singapore which we find more interesting.



You can also consider the train. We almost took one to go to Malaysia but you have to book your ticket in advance. We heard it’s not a very fancy ride but quite comfortable for a regular backpacker. The fare from Singapore to Sentral Kuala Lumpur is at SGD$20 – SGD$70 And will take 8 hours to get to the destination.


Going out is as easy as getting in. You can take the old fashion plane ride; or if you are going to Malaysia, all you need to do is go to Golden Mile Complex along Beach Road in Kallang and there’d be bus lines that will take you to different destinations of the neighboring country. Fare going to KL is at SGD$ 33 (PhP1000) and travel time would range from five to six hours depending on how strong the driver’s death wish is.




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