"teleporting" to KL

Going to KL from Singapore is like a bus trip from Manila to Baguio—drivers got a death wish. Ideally it’s an 8 hour butt-torturing ordeal. Back in 2007 when I first took the route, it was indeed eight hours, but that’s because it was a day trip. That seemed like the longest bus ride because of the non-stop yakking of local passengers that I suspected to be a delegation for some sort of an international tiger balm sniffing senior citizens marathon. I mean seriously, it was a painful eight long hours.

100-4439day time trip to KL, march 2007

So the next time I got the chance to take the Malaysian Death Bus, I decided to do it at night. We booked with a better bus company which is a partner of Air Asia, StarMart Express and the chair vibrates! Really it vibrates; the coach seats got a massage mechanism to stimulate blood circulation… and probably something else.

We could have booked a flight to KL with the same price. Tiger Airways got a promo that time at around PhP1000 one way from Changi to KL. But I decided to take the night bus to waive the additional night in the hotel.

DSC05535night time trip, march 2009

Our bus left the Golden Mile Complex at around 12 midnight, I’m all geared to sleep and the reclining seats were acceptably comfortable. So I tucked myself under the blanket and slept the night away.  The starry night, vanishing silhouettes of the  Malaysian landscape outside the window and  monotonous buzzing of engine set the mood conducive to sleeping, but the occasional humping on road kills, which I thought ranged from wild chicken to what felt like teenage kids, jolted me up every once in a while and made me look at my watch.

3:30 AM, I still have at least 4 hour to sleep.

After few moments of REM I heard the conductor yelling “KL Central!” Monette dreamily asked me “is this where we are supposed to alight?”


Caught off guard and still in our imaginary pajamas, we crammed grabbing our bags and shoes, which are still all over the place. “I thought it’s going to be an 8 hour trip? It’s only 4:15 AM damn it! Is it me or did we just teleported across the border?

We stepped out of the bus, KL was still in deep slumber. We can’t help but mumble “Oh crap!”