letter to the thief

How will you react when you lost an important entity in your life?

How will you accept the loss of that one thing you are drawing inspiration from?

Will you remain still and endure the pain of hollowness? or, should you unleash the anger to that person who took it away from you?

To you who stole him, who practically snatched it from my hands: You know for a fact that I cannot possibly scream right in to your face to exhaust this pain you caused me.

That’s because I am more than your “being-ness”, I will simply rise above it!

And maybe, just maybe… you needed him more than I do.

Maybe, just maybe… you deserve having him after all the catastrophes you went through.

I can’t help but cry, merely thinking of the possibilities and partnership. My plans for him, for the two of us, are not necessarily more important than yours. BUT THAN MOMENT IS RIGHTFULLY MINE! and you stole it!

He is yours now, I just hope and pray that he will help you cross another day in your miserable life!

He deserve someone who can bring out the the best in him. You know that you’re not that person, you are not even close.

Maybe, I don’t know you, and what you are capable of. But the manner how you played it says a lot. I know that you cannot take good care of him the way I can, the way I could possibly have.

I know you will be doing this again to other people really soon, like how you did in the past, but I hope that your momentary possession of him would produce good things.

Now I’m empty, basking in the feeling of pain, or not feeling anything at all. With this silent nothingness, I’m paralyzed and incomplete.

I lost the drive. I cannot possibly do anything without him… the void inside me is ringing echoes of silence, of restrained anger, of numbing absence!

I will miss my Alfonzo




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  • flipnomad

    December 1, 2009 at 4:04 am

    sorry to hear that you lost your cam…

  • flip'n travels

    December 1, 2009 at 10:53 pm

    i know i’ll be fine, thanks…
    i believe this is God’s way of saying “Make room for bigger things”

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