a kiss that never betrays…

sunset at phnom bakheng

The most faithful of all kisses is that of the sun on the rock. The sun’s rays would touch upon its face, never leaving it till it sets. And even at that, when the sun lends it’s light on the other side of the earth, and the earth is no more, there is still the rock and the kiss that never betrays…


up the stairs

steep climb!

The sun sets on our first day in Cambodia as we were led by a steady crowd up the stairs of Phnom Bakheng. It served as King Yasovarman I’s state temple at the center of the new capital city Yasodharapura. It’s foundation, carved from the existing hill rather than the usual laterites and earthfill other temples used.

waiting for the sunset

took the photo while climbing the temple

ron reading a book on top of the lone hill in seam reap

After a long day’s tour of different temples in Siem Reap, tourists would converge to this hilltop to end the day in longing. Overlooking Tonle Sap Lake and Angkor Wat in a distance, one can hear the stones creak a silent music you only hear when you close your eyes while everyone bled in red, blue and orange.

down hill

walking downhill

elephant ride

elephant rides range from $10US-$15US

khmer girl

child selling trinkets


monks waiting for the end of the world

We were drowning in colors.