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Christmas is here, so what’s the best way to celebrate this joyous season than through love and giving, right?. So here’s our OFFICIAL HOLIDAY 2009 BACKPACKER’S WISH LIST:


Ron’s Wish list


1. The perfect Narrow brimmed straw hat. This one may seem easy to find, but I’m telling you, I can’t find the one for me, I want it unembellished, narrow brimmed, soft and a bit ragged. now tell me where to find it.

2. Vacuum storage bags. I want to carry less baggage as much as possible. Who wouldn’t?

3. Victorinox Travel wallet (sling type or waist strap) or LV passport jacket. The first one is a must have. The second is simply oh-so-yummy.

4. The Epson P–6000 Multimedia Storage Viewer. Who wouldn’t want a huge storage where you can view the frames even without a laptop?

5. Garmin Nuvi hand held GPS device or Canon D10 underwater camera. Maps are sooo last decade, and sooo Dora. Underwater point and shoot comes in handy if you’re like me who’s in to spontaneous dips.

Monette’s Wish list


1. 5th Gen iPod Nano . I can lose my communication but never my music.

2. North Face Women’s Vindicator or any North Face hiking/trail/backpacking shoes. Need to have good shoes especially when we walk around for hours.

3. North Face Thermal Underwear. I cannot stand cold weather.

4. Moleskine journal. I might get more creative if my journal is nicer. Oh, and more expensive, haha!

5. A good travel book. I just bought myself Sherlock Holmes: The Complete Novels and Short Stories, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Plato’s Republic, Coraline, Dream Catcher by Margaret Salinger and many others I forgot. I need more…

Now, show us your love! hahaha 😛


  • nina

    As it happens, I’m looking for ways to uuh, give away of some of my travel books. That is, if you don’t mind getting some preloved books, Monette 🙂

    Sorry Ron, you’ll only get that LV passport holder after you pry it off my dead body (yes, I’ll be holding on to my passport when I die. Might need it, you know?)

  • flip'n travels

    oh nina! thank you, thank you, thank you! that’s sweet!!! i’m not very techie, you can say i am one of them old-school travelers. yes, i would love to have them! maybe you an choose from my books also! 😀

  • flip’n travels

    hey hey hey… this is unfair!
    hehehehe, thanks Nina… so we guys should meet up.

    1 down! 🙂


  • Jeff

    ‘Nette, love. I’m thinking of getting meself a new pair of runners and I might opt for a pair of TNFs. I get mad discount in wholesale prices but availability is limited. Your Vindicator Mid GTX is available in size 6, and that’s the last one. Give me a few choices (and your size) and I’ll tell you what’s available. As for your gift to me, just fatten this cream puff up when I get there, k?

    To Ron, um… pag-ibig na lang since I have yet to meet you. Or a piece of wood with I.O.U. etched on it. 😉

  • nina

    Hehe, you just gave me an idea for a future post 😉 I’ll be putting up a bunch of travel books up for grabs on my blog in the coming days. Of course, you get first dibs, Monette 😀

  • flip

    i was just thinking of posting my wishlist but realized that it might clogged my site because it’s a long list LOL just kidding

    @ron: check divisoria, they might have that kind of hat, i think they almost have everything (except for some spare kidneys, um they might have it as well lol)…

    @monette: check for some TNF shoes with big discounts (bought mine din dun) mahal kasi dito sa atin ang TNF.

    maligayang pasko po!!!

  • flip'n travels

    aw.. that’s sweet jeff. I would accept anything, for as long as it’s from you. 😉 small things are greatly appreciated, but i won’t mind getting a new pair of tom ford.. hahaha


  • flip'n travels

    Hi Flip.

    divisoria? done! I even reached ilaya, they dont have the one for me… hehehe

    maligayang pasko kapatid!


  • Jeff

    Ron, pwede Tomas Ford by Tessie Tomas na lang? :p hehehehe… i’ll just take you and monette for dinner.

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  • flip'n travels

    thanks flip! will browse the site asap. happy christmas! 😀

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