kabigan falls: a hidden enchantment

I’ve been reading stories of other wanderlusts and adventurers like us who documented their quest in search of this allusive enchanting place. Many who have seen it unanimously agreed that it is truly a drop of paradise. Some failed and has to experience the horror of getting lost in the middle of a pitch dark forest.

lone tree

So with all the interesting stories of getting there and enjoying a dip, I sworn not to miss taking a chance of seeing this falls hidden in the middle of the lush terrain of Pagudpud—The Kabigan.

I made sure that we get there before lunch time. For some reason, 6PM in Pagudpud is already dark, like 9PM dark. So never under estimate the sunlight cycle in this corner of the world. We reached the entrance leading to the path to the falls. It may look easy that you can just trace back the brook, or merely listening to the splash of falling water. But it’s trickier than you can imagine, a group of explorers from a travel magazine got lost in the middle of their trek to find the falls, they can hear that the source of splashing water is nearby but they can’t seem to find it, darkness swallowed them and that their only source of light would be their mobile phones. This is why a guide is required.

brook along on the way to the falls



Local residents wearing an official guide shirt that says “guide” (duh!) are stationed at the entrance along the highway. They will just ask for a guide fee, but it’s really up to you on how much will you give. Be generous, think of it as help to local tourism and economy.

kabigan falls

The trek took us around 30 minutes. I occasionally stop to take photos. A good pair of slippers and well expanded lungs came in handy. After crossing several brooks, slippery stones and carabao’s surprise (buffalo poop), we finally reached the enchanting destination. After snapping photos, we immediately stripped-off our shirts and took a dip. AND MAN! It was cold, it’s noontime but the water is chilling and crystallizing every single bit of my premature arthritis. Be careful not to bump anyone, your nipples might poke someone’s eye and kill them on the spot.


While everyone is enjoying a rejuvenating dip in the fantaserye-ish basin of clear water, Monette is sitting on a stone watching us dreamily “darn, wrong timing, it’s the time of the month” Other than that, I know for a fact that she’s also repeatedly telling herself:

“I should have brought my fairy wings… I should have brought my fairy wings…”

I was indeed an eco-trail, so we encourage responsible trekking: Leave nothing but footprints and take nothing but pictures.

kabigan falls



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