Meet Antonio Hunter

Hidalgo is the “Willy Wonka’s Chocolate Factory” for photography enthusiasts, shrouded with street vendors selling all sorts of knickknacks ranging from dvd’s, delicacies and vegetables to nonsensical bagatelles. Its texture, colors and even smell is so rich and chaotic even the tubattaha reef will be upstaged. Nested in the middle of Manila’s core of oddities—Quiapo. Here you can get DSLR’s, point-and-shoot and every imaginable photography accessories at a rock bottom price. Malls are selling the same items at a more expensive amount, I mean 150% marked up as compared to the shelf price in Hidalgo. What they are selling are all original non-gray market items (as other customers mentioned in their blogs and forum) and that the reason why it’s cheaper is that it doesn’t have a service center warranty.

Before Alfonzo got stolen, I already have plans of getting a new toy, something on the higher end, then the incident blew off my plans. So the bigger, better, more fab camera was out the window. I have to settle with a mid range camera to pacify my itch.

I was torn between getting an EOS 500d and D5000, again it’s not a matter of model as both are running a neck to neck race. It’s about the make, the eternal battle of Nikon vs. Canon. I even read reviews and comparative analysis over the internet and I honestly find the difference as the comments and delineations are ridiculous.

“Oh! this one got 2 noise spot more than the other”
“This one’s pixels are 0.7 µm bigger than the other one. I mean hello!?”
“This one got AF detection range of -1 to +19 EV (ISO 100, at 20°C/68°F), duh!”

I’m not really big on those details, I’m not printing a billboard sized photos anyway. For all we know these people whom comments are all over the gadget forums are just uploading their shots on facebook. Or I guess maybe I haven’t reached that summit of photography geekiness yet.

And so, I bought the Nikon d5000.


I baptize him… ANTONIO HUNTER
(yeah, a bit porn star-ish)

At first glance, it appears that Canon 500D is spearheading the features that a photographer would look for: Higher resolution at 15.1, maximum sensitivity at 12800 ISO, greater tonal depth at 14 bits, bigger screen at 3in VGA vs 2.7in QVGA, a depth-of-field preview, live histogram in live view, and like all Canon DSLRs, you also get free PC / Mac based remote control and decent RAW conversion software. But I noticed that the differences are so minimal that it’s almost indiscernible to the naked eye.

But I gravitated towards D5000’s key features, which I find really helpful: The quick continuous shooting (4fps), a slightly more sophisticated AF system (11-point versus 9-point in Canon), on-demand grid lines in the optical viewfinder, interval shooting, a time-lapse movie mode (720p HD), and an easier user interface. More importantly it has Great image quality with low noise, Fully-articulated screen with Live View. 11-point AF and viewfinder guides. Most photographers prefer lighter DSLR’s, but for me, I want it a bit heavier for better grip and control.

Now I finally have ANTONIO, I can definitely continue practicing and be the clicker happy that I am. I have a new gadget for thieves to snatch to feed their miserrable families. But for now, I need to resolve another issue—I got an unanticipated package delivered from an online store, not really sure if I actually ordered a… 42 in LCD TV?!

Oh, CR*P!