Bang Who?!

Bangkok welcomed us on a late afternoon from our long lazy bus/van ride from Siem Reap. Being the last leg of the trip, our minds were practically overwhelmed with plethora of enriching experiences, images and a bag-full of stories we can’t wait to tell, which in turn, made an inversely proportional amount of cash at hand.

So with a dwindling budget, the moment we realized we are approaching the capital, we started doing mental computations ’til our mouths froth.

bangkok late afternoon

It was late afternoon when the van dropped us at Khaosan Road. I never got the opportunity and drive to marvel the new place, not even to pull out my camera from the bag. Maybe because either I’m panicking and figuring-out where we can have our Peso Bills changed to Thai Baht; or I’m just starving and my body glucose is right below sea level.

TIP: Before Flying in to Thailand, make sure you bring Thai Baht or US dollars. Unlike other asian cities, money changers don’t accept Philippine Peso. We had to wait for the following day to go over-the-counter to have our money changed. Bangkok Bank is the only one that accepted our cold-shouldered money. The bank teller has been so nice too.

Khaosan Road is the backpacker capital of the city. They got souvenir shops, food carts selling pad thai noodles and fried crickets, cafe’s, etc. etc. etc. It reminded me of Malate meets Instruccion Saturday Market in Sampaloc Manila.


Too tired and no time to scout for a cheaper hostel, we immediately hopped on a cab to drive us to our first choice–Lub*d. My thoughts were floating as I stare blankly like a dumb fast food mascot while the driver hopelessly tried talking about Manny Pacquiao. The next thing I know, I was lying on our bunk bed inside a post modern industrial-urban inspired hostel. How I got there from the cab is something I couldn’t remember.

The first night was originally planned to be at Khaosan. But then we realized that our hostel is just few blocks from Phatphong night market. So we decided to just look for a place to eat around Bangkok’s red light district. And HELL NO that’s not what we ate. perv!


After eating in a Carinderia-like food store along the street, like an automatic battery-powered robot, we headed back to Lub*D and totally forgot the Phatphong plan. We ended up drinking cans of beer in front of our hostel

singha beer

We must confess, right at that very moment, our minds were still in Cambodia. I somehow wished we extended our Angkorian adventure even just for another day. As we quietly sat on a terrace with other European backpackers, drinking Singha beer, half asleep… I asked:

Where are we again?


Bang who?!


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  • lechua

    February 11, 2010 at 6:28 am

    u guys have moved on to bangkok… i actually went to bkk after siem reap too. but i came back first for a break before heading to bkk. great post title!

  • flip'n travels

    February 11, 2010 at 7:31 am

    thanks lee! maybe we should have done the same thing. cambodia is a tough act to beat. we were physically in bankok but our hearts and minds were still rounding the temples in seam reap!

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