FYI: we did it!

7 1/2 hours to Laban Rata…

4 hours to summit…

13,435 ft worth of intense pain, altitude sickness and freezing temperature…

So here you go beckies and gentlemen!

flip'n travels braved mount kinabalu

Kwento later…


  • nina


  • roselle

    Congratulations beckies! :)

  • Mr Whattaworld

    Congratulations… You should do a blow by blow post on this one!! :)

  • chyng

    wow! kwento na! Ü

  • Chad

    Congrats! I want details and costs, akyat din ako! yea, do a blow by blow.

  • flip'n travels

    @ chyng, roselle and Nina… thanks thanks. wooohoooo!
    @mr whattaworld & chad … thanks, we will, once i get back from the last leg of this trip, I still have a week on the road


  • Nomadic Pinoy

    No pain, no gain. Yehey!

  • CJ


  • lechua

    wow….well done indeed guys! it’s not easy at all.. (not that i’ve tried it.. but from what i’ve heard..) myself being malaysian not even conquering it before *shy* heh..

  • flip'n travels

    thanks lee! it was the craziest thing we’ve done. we sure are glad we came out of the challenge alive. go for it!

  • pinaytraveljunkie

    congrats you guys! we’ve never thought of climbing mt. kinabalu because of the… uhm… fees. hehe. will wait for the kwento!

  • flip'n travels

    thanks gaye…
    well, first kwento is on its way. hopefully tonight :-)
    and yeah, the masakit sa bangs ang fees. pfrt!