happy mom’s day


She’s not the usual mom who would tell you that smoking is bad for your health, or nag you to be home before 9 PM. She would never comfort you if you come running, crying because you screwed up your recitation in school, she will even have an encore of that recitation to explain why you screwed up. But she is the mom who will teach you that courage is the foundation of social relationship and that kindness is its pillar. She is the mom who will push you from the top of a tree for you to start stretching your wings.

Now I am flying, that is because she is my mom.

She also taught me to be vigilant and to take responsibility on everything that I do. It made me think: When will we ever accept the fact that we make our own future? We are to blame if we take the wrong road, and we look silly if we complain of potholes and bumpy ride.

Tomorrow we will be in a torque. The country will make the biggest decision that could either pull us out from this neck deep septic tank or propel us to inexorable doom. History is now the best adviser whom we can listen to before we shade those ovals, we made wrong decisions before, so we need to be extra careful this time.

God bless our motherland, and I wish her a HAPPY mother’s day!