because each has to be sold separately…

So… after a month of Sabbatical shit, we are back to regular *gulp* programming. See, so many things have happened in such a short time that the cosmos tried to cram every experience in a few days that everything just went on a dizzying blur. To the people who’ve been following Ron and I, to our friends, officemates, friends we met in our travels; you guys know what happened… Ron left for Singapore to drive a fancy buggy and I am working 15-hour shifts because, well… there is really nothing to do. Ah, the price we have to pay for the price we have to pay. You know what I mean… We are getting older. There used to be a time when people would ask us, “Why do you work.” And all we can say was to travel. Although majority of the truth rests in that reason, only us can account for what makes that truth whole. But I’m digressing… Actually, before I post another travel Ron and I made, I took the liberty of scouring old accounts to look for pictures of us over the years. I would’ve made a montage if I wasn’t so busy. Ron is actually planning to fly back to Manila just to kill me for not updating the blog like I’m supposed to. But, before he can do that, I’ll make him bleed… And no, you shouldn’t think that there is a hint of romance in this stream of consciousness. Otherwise, I’d say you’re crazier than I am…

I think this was the first time Ron and I went out with another friend… Old Spaghetti House.

First trip ever! This is in Puerto Galera. We drank 3 pitchers of the local Bailey’s and Wengweng. I puked and the guys had to drag me back to the hotel where they administered “proper nursing care”.

Retro Christmas Party circa 2007.

First trip out of the country. First is Macau…

… then Hong Kong

Then Ron experimented on Fashion Photography. I am naturally his first lab rat…

It was Halloween and we decided to honor the scouts!

I became anorexic and decided to show off during the Chrismas Party

Then Ron’s cousin visited and we had a picnic at UP

Then the bug bit us. Singapore…

17 hours in Kuala Lumpur…

My Christmas gift for Ron, our trip to Cambodia…

Then Thailand.

Sometime after that, I died at work and decided to get high in Banaue and Sagada…

And sometime in ’09, Ron decided to go bonkers and left the office.
We still had to match costumes last Halloween.

Then the birth of this website. We didn’t get in the competition but what the hell…

Then we decided to finally see Boracay

And went up north to Ilocos.

Too long have we waited for the next international trip… We decided to conquer Mt. Kinabalu, the highest peak in Southeast Asia.

And then we went local for a while… Mt. Pinatubo…


Caramoan Islands…

We even attended the Fashion Week!

We were supposed to travel to Beijing together but the visa had to be a pain in the neck. And of course my lola got sick. Ron had to travel alone.

And because I got super jealous, I had to leave the country too and made it look like a birthday gift for myself. But seriously, it was a birthday gift for myself.

And now, Ron is suffocating in the everclear Singapore air while I thrive on pollution.

It’s a love and hate thing but I’ll see you soon babe… Oh, but first I’ll go to Bali, teehee! >_<